Tips for College Level Writing

College Level Writing

A multiple number of students struggle with writing their college level papers. Nonetheless, they must submit various research papers, essays, reports, and/or other academic writings throughout the year. This is because teachers believe that such tasks help students hone their writing and research skills.

Key to Success

Scientists believe that people who excel at writing are more successful in life compared to their peers. To succeed in any writing, college level papers included, students must follow a clearly defined structure of the task. Most importantly, students can refine and upgrade their writing skills with practice. Consider the pieces of information given below to learn how to write better.

Typical Mistakes


Essay on Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

For a perfect company’s operation, it must consist of proper people. These people should be divided into two groups one of which will be under control of another. This is called hierarchy. When the company has a small management squad that can skillfully control and direct the employees into a right way, then nothing can stop such company. On the other hand, if the workers can completely rely on their administration and perform the tasks as efficient as possible, the company will be literally unstoppable. However, the idea path here hides some tricky obstacles that all are connected with a single issue – communication.

Learning about Leadership

Historical Background

The first attempts to define a real leader for a group were made centuries ago. It was thought that if people possess certain character traits, they can inborn leaders and can direct their followers to success. Such features were considered to be impossible to acquire, and even if they were applied for a person after years of training, such leader was not thought to be skillful. Originally, these assumptions were made in Ancient Rome and Greece – the nations with the most the military operations conducted. (more…)

Unbelievably Weird College Rules

Unbelievably Weird College Rules

If you think that beginning classes at 8 a.m. or restricting students from using their cell phones during classes are the strictest rules ever, you’re wrong. There are such weird college rules that it’s hard to believe that they actually exist.

Shocking College Rules

  • Students of Vellore Institute of Technology are not allowed to talk on the phone late at night. If caught doing so, they are obliged to hand their phones in and write a note explaining why they had to use their phone and who they spoke to.
  • If you are going to enter Oral Roberts University, get ready for the university’s total control of your personal life. You will be prohibited not only to drink alcohol and take drugs, but also to swear, dance, get tattoos or body piercing. What’s more, you won’t be allowed to work in a place where anything of the above mentioned might occur. If you neglect this rule, you are very likely to get expelled.
  • (more…)

Language Barrier

Language Barrier

The United States is the country, which has no national language because of its cultural diversity. Although most citizens are English speaking, this fact allows people of non-English origin to speak their native languages whether it’s Chinese, Spanish or any other. There are many ethnic enclaves in the US which allow the immigrants to live in their familiar socio-economic areas even being a non–English speaker. According to one of the economic theories, which concerns ethnic communities, in this way, non-English speaking immigrants can enter the economy faster; it also allows opportunities for the employment that, in the other way, would be impossible due to the language barrier. It happens that often there is no desire or need to learn English inside the enclaves though unemployment outside the enclaves is a problem, as well as health care, social issues, and affordable housing. In order to get higher paid employment, English is essential. (more…)

6 Great Benefits of Living off Campus

Benefits of Living off Campus

Advantages of Living Off Campus

When entering college, each student faces a choice between living in a campus or renting a flat. Obviously, both options have its advantages and drawbacks, so it is up to the person which one to choose. In this article, we highlight the pros of residing off campus.


It is one of the major benefits of no living in a dorm as you do not have to put up with annoying and noisy roommates. If you are a rather calm kind of person preferring solitude to focus on your tidying, it is definitely beneficial for your academic career. In your rented apartment, you will not lose your time arguing with your roommates and making somebody keep silent.


Regardless of all the promises of college authorities that living in a campus has a very high security level, nobody guarantees you that your roommates cannot steal your private things. Besides, students may forget to lock the door when going out. In this case, nobody is responsible for whatever may happen. Living in a flat, you may be afraid only the armed robbers who are rarely attracted by poor students. (more…)



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