6 Great Benefits of Living off Campus

6 Great Benefits of Living off Campus

Advantages of Living Off Campus

When entering college, each student faces a choice between living in a campus or renting a flat. Obviously, both options have its advantages and drawbacks, so it is up to the person which one to choose. In this article, we highlight the pros of residing off campus.


It is one of the major benefits of no living in a dorm as you do not have to put up with annoying and noisy roommates. If you are a rather calm kind of person preferring solitude to focus on your tidying, it is definitely beneficial for your academic career. In your rented apartment, you will not lose your time arguing with your roommates and making somebody keep silent.


Regardless of all the promises of college authorities that living in a campus has a very high security level, nobody guarantees you that your roommates cannot steal your private things. Besides, students may forget to lock the door when going out. In this case, nobody is responsible for whatever may happen. Living in a flat, you may be afraid only the armed robbers who are rarely attracted by poor students.

No Parental Control

If you were dreaming about independent life, this is it. Despite the absence of parents controlling you, you have to consider the needs and interest of your roommates while living in a campus. However, renting a flat requires more responsibility including paying all the bills and cooking meals. It will teach you true independent life.

Clean and Accurate

Dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, stinky clothes besides the bed, muddy shoes at the doorway…Many students encounter such problems when living in a dorm. If you are a tidy person, no gurantees that you will be surrounded by the cleanliness there. ¬In a rented flat, the tidiness and diligence are all upon you.


Surprisingly, you may pay less for renting a flat than living in a campus because it does not include meal expenditure. Cooking is time-consuming process, but it allows you to save money for something else.

Get Friends

One may argue that living off campus deprives you of getting along without mates. However, being on your own gives you a chance to choose with whom you prefer to communicate and spend leisure time. Living in a dorm, you are forced to communicate with your roomies even though you dislike them.

All in all, living off campus is an option for you if you want to get away from annoying and untidy roommates. Consider all the upsides and downsides of living in off a dorm and make this crucial decision.

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