7 Key Trends that Will Make Your Business Able to Survive in 2017

7 Key Trends that Will Make Your Business Able to Survive in 2017

Do you have plans to set up your own business? In this article, we have provided the key seven trends for businessmen that will help them successfully establish a new business or change the development route for the existing one. As a matter of fact, in 2017, the requirements have become evidently tougher for a great number of entrepreneurs, as businesses started to outperform and displace one another. So, if you want to avoid this tough competition, check the following information and find the best way for yourself to stay afloat.

Financial Technologies

Cloud software alongside with financial technologies will occupy leading positions this year. In order to remain on top and make your business beyond competition, you should know these industries inside out. According to the popular estimates, over the next year, the market of financial technologies will increase up to $8 billion, whereas cloud software will rise up to $76 billion.

The Epoch of Blind Hiring

If you are used to conducting interviews with numerous of applicants and are thus wondering where to find enough time for all of them, start considering other options because in 2017 you won’t have much time for doing it. An increasing number of experienced employers start considering “blind hiring”, after which they choose the most talented applicants. One of the widely known online services, where you can get familiar with the list of potential employees, is GapJumper. This service will also help you evaluate the skills and abilities of the applicants.


With the help of modern technologies, in particular a variety of online services or social networks, you can share what you do, where you go, what you sell, etc. The same way, you can share the rents of accommodation, transport, etc.

Food Tech Startup

Nowadays, eco food, that eradicates the environmental damage, is in great demand among people. Therefore, if you think what sustainable idea to come up with, consider the eco food startup.

Clean Technologies

Startups relating to cleaning will definitely help the environment by offering customers bio products, thus fighting the climate change.

Big Data

In 2017, by using automation and big data, entrepreneurs will be able to develop advertising in order to increase e-commerce, personalize marketing, and improve customer service.

Protect Your Startup from Failure

Deepen your knowledge and be prepared how to deal with numerous challenges, tasks, and problems that your business may encounter. Therefore, you might as well consider studying at least a year in a business school if you are not sure whether you can be successful in establishing a business of your own. So, do not hesitate and write an application letter to the business school you find the best for you.

All in all, these are the top 7 major trends that might help you in your business. Whether you are a complete novice in entrepreneurship or are already an experienced businessperson, these trends will surely help you in business development and improvement.

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