7 Places to Make Friends at College

7 Places to Make Friends at College

College is high time you gained new experience and met new people. Campus life gives you a vast number of opportunities to do it – from random club meetings to sports practice, it’s always a chance to make new friends. Here is a short list of a few places where you can come across new people.

1. The Elevator

This convenient “means of transport” is a perfect place to get acquainted with people you share the dorm with. There is every likelihood that you attend the same classes or clubs with some of them. Use this chance to start a conversation by pointing out your shared experience or just commenting on something random.

2. Bus Ride

Majority of students who live in dorms have to deal with shuttles every day. You can make those trips beneficial by having a small talk with a person sitting next to you. By doing it you can be sure to make some really good friends.

3. Your Study Spot

If you are one of those people who prefer to have a special place for studying, you might come across someone who shares the same sentiments. Look around your coffee shop table or bench in a park and you are bound to find someone slanting over a book. Just be respective of their personal space if they seem to be immersed in studying.

4. The Laundry Room

You might think of this place as not that fancy for striking up a friendship but give it a try! Just like the elevator, the laundry room is a common place for virtually everyone. Folding your shirts can give you plenty of time to have a decent conversation.

5. The Dining Hall

Not only is having a dining routine good for your health, but it also gives you a chance to see the same people all the time. Sooner or later you will begin noticing familiar faces waiting in the line or sitting at the same table every day. You can join a lone figure at the table or complain about long queues to someone standing behind you.

6. Late-Night Snacks

College students like no one else know the struggle of late-night hunger. You can easily come across new people in the nearest fast food place in the middle of the night. There is nothing better for bonding than a midnight snack.

7. Tutoring

Having tutoring sessions is not only beneficial for your academic performance, but it’s also a good chance to meet new friends. Nothing brings people together faster than complaining about the same problem. Besides, you can be sure that the person sitting next to you is in the same boat as you are. College is not only about education, it’s also a place where life lasting friendships are born. The number of places where it can be done is bigger than you think. Just keep your eyes and mind open.

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