Benefits of Being Focused at Lectures

Benefits of Being Focused at Lectures

Ways to Improve Concentration

Student days are a unique and quite ambivalent period of time for most individuals. On the one hand, you are still a crazy ambitious youngster willing to conquer the world while, on the other hand, you are already a mature person who has chosen a path to follow. To find the golden medium and comprise in your personality both recklessness and responsibility (without development of schizophrenia symptoms), you need to set right priorities and balance your life between persistent work and time to rest. Easy to say, hard to do, you might have thought. Well, in order to get a grip on yourself and impeccably comprehend the information you receive during lectures, read our Ways to Improve Concentration guide (as you definitely know how to rest).

Stay Focused during a Lecture

Ways to improve concentration and focus during lectures are not as challenging as you may think. What is required? You need to take several steps in order to boost your ability to extract the utmost possible benefits of the studying process.

Limit the Access to Your Main Distraction – Phone

"It’s impossible", one may say. “What if someone needs to reach me or there is some important news on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. I have to know.” Actually, your parents and close friends know you are having lectures and won’t disturb you. There is plenty of out-of-classes time when you can chat with whoever you want and check all the updates you’ve missed because of your lecture. Learn to control your habit to use your phone with and without reason. You will be surprised how cognitive and interesting your lectures can be when your phone is in the backpack.

Write Down Important Information

After you’ve put your phone aside, there is nothing left to do but listen to the instructor and pay attention to the key points he/she mentions. To make it easier to comprehend what you hear, try making notes. In such a way, you not only perceive the information aurally, but involve your visual memory as well.

Get Involved in Discussions

There is another good piece of advice on how to concentrate better during lectures. It is really rewarding to take part in the discussions of the presented topic. In such a way, you imprint the material in your memory, so later it won’t take too much time to revise and prepare for the class.

Improve your level of concentration during lectures and try absorbing all the necessary information regardless the fact it may seem boring. Perhaps, you have lost your interest because of the influence of outer distractors, such as excessive phone usage and the lack of participation in class activities. Find ways to stay focused!

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