Causes of World War 2

Causes of World War 2

Among the countless wars that humanity has gone through and is going through right now, the Second World War was the most dreadful and devastating one. It didn’t happen in an instant and was caused by the series of reasons, which were developed for years and even decades and being finally intervened, culminated into the heartless, dark era marked by suffering of millions of people. The reasons of World War II include comprise:

  • Resentment over the Versailles Treaty
  • Fiasco of the peace efforts following the first world war
  • Development of fascism disease and the rise of Hitler
  • Re-armament of Europe

The first reason is the outrage of Germany in regard of the Versailles Treaty, because it made Germany lose its territories and allowed Poland to get access to the Baltic Sea, which split Germany into 2 parts and caused a lot of inconveniences. Another country disappointed by the Versailles Treaty was Italy. The reason for its resentment was the payoff that it was received for its participation in defeating Germany. In its opinion, it was less than the cost of the war and didn’t allow Italy to embody its growth plans. The third country that felt resentment because of the Versailles Treaty was Japan. The country wanted to get control over China for its efforts to defeat Germany, but it never happened, and the Versailles Treaty neglected the desires of Japan. This anger at the Versailles Treaty can be taken as a fiasco of peace efforts after the First World War, because 3 influential countries were disappointed by the results of the war.

One of the most important causes of the Second World War was the development of fascism disease and the rise of Hitler. I call fascism a disease because we see what effect it has on the minds of men. The ideas of fascism existed long ago, but they became strong due to the efforts of Benito Mussolini who was in charge of the Italian government since 1922. Because of Mussolini, Italy became a totalitarian country where everything was controlled by the government and political opposition was silenced. Mussolini wanted to increase the childbirth rate in order to have more soldiers for war. Evidently, he didn’t valued human life and viewed it only as a resource. Germany under the influence of Hitler also changed its direction towards fascism. Hitler founded the National Socialist party called the Nazi party. The difference between Hitler and Mussolini's views is that Hitler viewed his party as a way to dominate the world, being the higher race. They were racists who hated Jewish people, but people followed them because they believed that these leaders could lead them to world domination.

The final reason is the rearmament of Europe, which was influenced by all the above mentioned factors. Seeing the threat from Germany, European counties began to form their own armies to be ready to resolve Hitler’s aggression by force.

If there’s one thing that the Second World War has taught us – it’s this: NEVER AGAIN.

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