Creating a Written Portrait

Creating a Written Portrait

It is quite easy to talk to a person and discuss things with him or her, but it is a completely opposite task to talk about that person, describe things concerning him or her, and make an essay with all this information. Even though it may seem quite challenging, it is not impossible. If you are exactly the one who was given a similar task, here are a few helpful tips for you to get out of this tough situation and compose a solid descriptive paper about a person.

Learning How to Describe a Person

Choose a Well-Known Person

It is obvious that you cannot write about somebody whom you do not know quite well. The descriptive essay must be detailed, so you are simply obliged to own the information that you would not normally know about a random person. Select a friend, a relative, a group mate, your favorite celebrity, or anybody else who you are sure will definitely enrich your essay. If you strive to write about the person but know hardly anything about him or her, ask about the interview if it is possible. The more you know, the easier it will be to write an essay.

Create an Image

The success of your essay directly depends on how good your description would be. The main goal of such tasks is to make a reader see the object of the paper. Your words should be so convincing that your audience believes they have known the main character of the essay as if it is a person they meet every day. Apart from that, you should also dive deeper, talk about the inner world, and open the character traits hereby creating an integral image, shaping the real person on a paper.

Think about the Language

English is extremely rich on various adjectives, metaphors, idioms, and other descriptive vocabulary. That is why you should not have a problem in choosing how it will be better to talk about a person. However, such great variety causes another problem – words have different shades so you must be careful while deciding upon the descriptive methods. This includes both, appearance and the world inside, so unless you are creating a list of adjectives for a first-grade pupil, you should think about the language appropriate for a certain person. Interesting, beautiful, clever, good, or nice – forget about all these primitive adjectives. You are here to show how majestic and slender can be the legs of your girlfriend; how contagious and hilarious may the laugh of your dad be; what hidden skills can be found in such a smart and resourceful guy as your best friend.

Perceiving the Behaviour

Apart from the appearance, it is extremely important to describe personality. The way the person looks like is important but the way the person acts is of much great value. Here, the task is a bit tougher as you talk about what you cannot touch, but this is where the first hint becomes handy – you know almost every secret of the chosen person, so you will meet no difficulty in telling what distinguishes him or her from the others.

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