Differences between Urban and Rural Life

Differences between Urban and Rural Life

Statistics show that the urban population is constantly increasing, while the rural one is decreasing. However, small settlements also have their advantages. Many people rightly believe that life in a city is very different from life in a village, and they are absolutely right. A city dweller, living in an apartment building, going to work and shopping every day, cannot even imagine how much he or she is not familiar with the outside world. Life in a village has several undeniable advantages.

The Benefits of Living in a Village

Urban inhabitants move mainly by car, and therefore, such people cannot feel the beauty of walking in the forest, morning swimming on the bank of the river, or walking on wet and cold dew. City life takes place in the stone jungle, near a computer and a TV. It is brightened up only by trips to the countryside.

Villagers can enjoy nature and clean air to the fullest. In addition, they have a completely different lifestyle. The main advantage of living in the countryside is fresh air. Many people say about the pollution of the urban atmosphere, but you can feel it only after a few weeks spent in a village. The freshness of the countryside is very attractive, and besides, there is little noise around. Of course, you can find cars on the streets, but there are no trams and huge traffic jams.


The Best Place in the World

Cities attract young people by prospects, work, career growth, places of recreation and entertainment, and so on. Forgetting about the poor quality of food in supermarkets, the high cost of housing and a number of other expected problems, people choose to live in a city. It is possible to earn a good income here, but at the same time, youth are forced to spend money on transport, drinking water, fruits, vegetables, etc. Moreover, clothes, shoes, the presence of a computer and other things are of great importance for the city dwellers.

A village is a place of traditions. People living here are not interested in fashion trends and style. A city inhabitant will be pleasantly surprised at how quietly and peacefully neighbors live in a village, quarrels that are so frequent in urban homes, are rare here. Nevertheless, it should be said that life in the village, like life in the city, has its advantages and disadvantages; therefore, it is better to live in the place where you feel comfortable and calm.

Your place of residence does not matter at all. The main thing is to feel good and harmonious. Some people prefer to live in the house of their parents and grandfathers, keeping traditions, while others buy modern apartments and make them comfortable. As you know, both the old house and the new flat can become the coziest places in the world, all you have to do is to fill your home with an atmosphere of warmth, happiness, and love.


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