Essay on Leadership and Management

Essay on Leadership and Management

For a perfect company’s operation, it must consist of proper people. These people should be divided into two groups one of which will be under control of another. This is called hierarchy. When the company has a small management squad that can skillfully control and direct the employees into a right way, then nothing can stop such company. On the other hand, if the workers can completely rely on their administration and perform the tasks as efficient as possible, the company will be literally unstoppable. However, the idea path here hides some tricky obstacles that all are connected with a single issue – communication.

Learning about Leadership

Historical Background

The first attempts to define a real leader for a group were made centuries ago. It was thought that if people possess certain character traits, they can inborn leaders and can direct their followers to success. Such features were considered to be impossible to acquire, and even if they were applied for a person after years of training, such leader was not thought to be skillful. Originally, these assumptions were made in Ancient Rome and Greece – the nations with the most the military operations conducted.

Later on, in the XX century, experts have come to a partial conclusion that inborn aptitude towards being a leader is significant but it can be still acquired throughout appropriate behavior and necessary conditions. Both, mental and physical feature here are relevant and are combined depending on a situation.

A very important discovery was made in the middle of XX century. As it turned out, only 5% of similar features among different leaders were common for all the participant of the experiment.


You can call something half-successful if it has a ruling mechanism. Everything in the world works according to this principle. All the companies should have a head that would regulate the work of the entire body. The chaos is imminent if there is no head.

For achieving one single goal, it is of utmost importance to have a guide to lead to common success. If the source of power is not influential enough, the entire structure is likely to be destroyed soon. Never has it been a good experience to leave the staff without the authority.

However, the strict ruling will also bring no success for the company. In order to establish the desired peace and flawless communication, it is essential to keep semiformal relationships between the power and working force. Instead of orders, you can provide the employees with different suggestions for them to come up with the necessary task by themselves. In addition, getting to the common decision will inspire the staff and guarantees efficient working pace for the future.

Apart from that, any company had, has and will have numerous problems. The leader does know how to deal with them but not always, the most productive way can be found. Workers sometimes come up with an amazing idea that can save the company and even bring it to the next level.

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