Example of a College Letter of Recommendation

Example of a College Letter of Recommendation

Among the variety of recommendation letters to the list of which belong character and personal reference letters, letters for employment and academic letters of recommendation you must have observed the similarity between the content and format of each type. Based on your previous knowledge of how to write recommendation letters, let’s examine the sample of a college recommendation letter in particular.

*Pay attention to the salutation, first paragraph where it is recommended to explain your relationships with a person you’re recommending, the second paragraph where it is worth to provide information about a person’s skills, features of character and achievements and summary section where you have to point out why a person you recommend matches the criteria of selection to a certain college. Finish your letter with providing your contact information and closing words.

Example of a College Recommendation Letter

Amanda Huston

Head of Literature

Orlando School

26345 Central Street

Orlando, Fl 32114




To Whom it May Concern,

Ketty Summer has been my student for already three years. Back to 2014 when she attended my English literature class for the first time, I immediately understood that this kid is endowed with an immense intellect and irreproachable behavior. And throughout her studies, Ketty has always impressed me with her distinct strive for getting a new knowledge as well as her desire to always be aware of and take an active part in school life.

Ketty Summer is a very communicative, positive and easy-going person. She is always in the center of attention and has a good influence on her peers. However, Katty’s popularity at school hasn’t made her an arrogant and all-know upstart. Vice versa, Ketty is  willing to help, sympathetic girl, whose interest in psychology assists her in resolving different life situations wisely and giving good pieces of advice for other people. Ketty is persistent in her studies. However, it is worth mentioning that exactly the humanities direction is Ketty's strong side. Apart from possessing good theoretical and practical skills in German and Spanish, Ketty challenges herself with mastering Italian and Chinese too, which speak volumes for her diligence and self-discipline. Repeatedly, this intelligent girl was the prize-winner of local level competitions in English literature. Ketty is an extraordinaire type of student who both catches up with the school curriculum and takes an active part in school life. She is a member of our School Parliament and is responsible for its Voluntary subsection. She is also a team member of our school’s basketball club and is the best in playing small forward.

I believe that Ketty Summer would be an excellent candidate for early admissions at your college and that your Department of Foreign Languages is in need of such a bright, initiative, multisided student as our Ketty.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at 123-476-9546 or XXX@gmail.com in case you want to make any clarifications or get some additional information towards Ketty Summer.


Amanda Huston

Head of Literature

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