Few Crazy Weekend Things to Rock Your Life

Few Crazy Weekend Things to Rock Your Life

Have you ever thought of how much time you spend in front of TV during weekend? You will be shocked. It takes half of your spare time during days off! It sounds impossible but this is true. You start your day off from turning a TV on while planning to do something. Then, you look around and suddenly realize it’s already 9 pm on Sunday. It happens with many of us. However, if you realize this, it’s time to change this to more pleasant affairs. There are few good tips on spending your weekend effectively and not feel desperate when it is over.

No. 1

First, what you may do is go to any local museum. You may not believe it, but there are many people still visiting this place. Believe me, there are many interesting things to see there.

No. 2

Secondly, you may get on the train and go out of your town. You may enjoy new landscapes and just relax your mind after the crazy town rhythm.

No. 3

You may also take a drawing class. Such activity helps to calm down nerves and reach harmony.

No. 4

Otherwise, you may go to the aquarium. Just think when you have been to it for the last time – probably in your middle school. Watching fish and reefs not only gives you a fresh look at many things but also refreshes your mind and reloads it.

No. 5

You may go to the nearest bar and hit some video games. For sure, you’ll ask why leave your cozy place and TV to get to one more screen. Yes, you are right. But this is a totally different screen. Why not to change the surrounding and get into a different atmosphere?

No. 6

If you feel that you need to rest and bring some benefits to the community, then the local animal rescue will do. Just imagine how many homeless animals that need your love and care there are.

No. 7

You may as well visit a movie theatre. It is especially cool if there is a new film release. Thus you will see something totally exciting and drink some beverages with your friends.

No. 8

One more crazy and tasty idea for your weekend is going somewhere where the free food samples are served. It may include a chocolate factory, some food exhibitions with the meals on tooth picks, food fairs or something like that. If there are also some other experiences at the meantime, it will be also cool.

No. 9

The last idea may sound totally impossible and crazy. Everybody loves waffles. Then why not spending some time making them? You may prepare waffles and then organize a mini party devoted to this treat. Just imagine a long line of your friends waiting to taste them! Now you see that not only TV makes your weekend. There are many funny things you can do to have brighter and crazy days off.

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