How to Become an English Presentation Expert

How to Become an English Presentation Expert

English presentation skills are on the top list of skills that every student has to develop to succeed in studying and receiving high grades. We are not talking about some inborn talents but the practice, which with the lapse of time makes your English presentation skills perfect. Here are some tips to improve your ability to perform well in front of the audience and impress everyone with a good interesting presentation.

Learn from Others

A common mistake most students do is not listening to presentations of their fellow group mates. Instead of revising your own presentation or having your head in the clouds, pay attention to some speech tricks, language devices, gestures and etc. a speaker uses. It is not necessary to ape someone, but to analyze what works and draws attention to a presentation and what you definitely should not do.

Speak It, not Read It

Another mistake concerning giving a presentation is careless attitude towards learning it by heart. Most students are convinced that if they wrote a presentation, there is no need in learning it, which is a false belief. In order to make your presentation intriguing and worth attention, it is crucial to practice in front of the mirror, to sharpen your pronunciation, your non verbal speech and your mimic. Instead of reading slides, which generates nothing else but the public’s boredom, try giving your presentation more genuine and lively form of expression by telling it.

Don’t Be in a Hurry

While performing your presentation, it is also important to follow the tempo of your speech. Let the audience swallow what you’ve said. Make logical pauses, emphasize on certain points of your topic as well as don’t forget to breathe smoothly. Deep breaths will help you to relax and enjoy doing what, at the first sight, may seem quite embarrassing.

Maintain a Contact with the Audience

Another vital aspect that should be taken into consideration while getting prepared to giving English presentation is how to interact with the audience. Remember that half of your success depends on the way you influence a listener and encourage him or her to follow your thoughts. Try focusing on engaging your audience by asking questions, by maintaining eye contact and, of course, smiling. Your positive attitude is the best way to win the audience’s disposition.

Don’t Be Afraid of Questions

No matter how fluent and educated on your topic you are, there can always be some insidious questions from the audience. Accept the fact that there are no perfect or all-knowing people and you are not an exception. Just turn an unknown question into an opportunity to learn more.

Get Prepared Morally and Physically

Finally, to feel more relaxed and easy during a day of presentation, make sure you’ve had enough sleep and a nourishing breakfast. It is also preferable to arrive a bit earlier at a designated place, so you get more familiar and comfortable with a surrounding.

Following the pieces of advice above, you will improve your English presentation skills and won’t have to worry about your future performance. You can use Microsoft PowerPoint applications to make your presentation more visually attractive, too. Good Luck!

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