How to Raise Self-Confidence before the University

How to Raise Self-Confidence before the University

Have you ever experienced that slight feeling of fear that you won’t cope with something or that you lack certain skills to succeed? There have always been diverse reasons, which make us feel unconfident, hence, make it more difficult to leave our comfort zone and move further.

When school-leavers are about to enroll a university, most of them face with a fear of a new social environment, more complicated and responsible than they were accustomed to. If you feel the lack of self-confidence and find it difficult to deal with unknown people and surrounding, here are some tips on how to get prepared for the independent students’ life and improve your level of self-assurance before you go to university.

Start Developing Your Confidence through Communication

The best way to raise your self-confidence is to acquire certain communicative skills. The more easy-going person you are, the less challenging it is to cope with any life (in particular university) situation. In case you feel nervous about talking on the phone, do some voluntary fundraising calls for charity or a part-time job at a call centre. If it is uneasy for you to communicate in a more impersonal level, there is an option to volunteer at the old lonely people’s homes, to visit a discussion club or, for example, a dramatic circle. While challenging yourself with the activities you feel uncomfortable with, you boost self-confidence after finally succeeding in what you’ve been afraid of.

Acquire Certain Unique Skills

If you are a real high-achiever, you may find it very stressful to accept the fact, that you are not the only one with high academic results. Moreover, there may be more intelligent students, which can shake your confidence. At this rate, work on developing some practical skills like mastering your cooking endeavors, learning to drive or crafting any project that suits you. Excelling in some sphere or activity will definitely have a positive impact on your self-confidence.

Take more Responsibilities

Another aspect you should take in before going to university is that it is going to be an absolutely different life: more self-sufficient, more responsible, sometimes more stressful but more interesting and adventurous. To get prepared for your student’s life, living apart from your parents and being accountable for much more duties you were used to, start involving yourself in different spheres of life. Try to get accustomed to manage your day in a way you have time to study, to cook, to iron your clothes, etc. There won’t be your mom in the dormitory, ready to help you any time you are in a hurry. You can also start managing your money, check on car insurance renew, go shopping on your own and deal with many other household chores you weren’t responsible before.

Share with Your Friends

You can be sure that you are not the only one who has a fear to leave home and start a new stage of life – students' life! Don’t feel ashamed to share your worries with your friends, who 99% feel the same way you do. Raise your confidence with the help of support of close to you people.

As there are lots of factors that may make you feel nervous about going to university, there are as many ways out to fight those fears and improve your level of self-assurance. Enter your students’ life confidently!

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