How to Study Much Information Within a Short Period of Time

How to Study Much Information Within a Short Period of Time

Sometimes it happens that you have to study a great deal of information in no time. If this is the case for you, don’t get stressed as it will only make things worse. Better calm down and see what you can do. Use the tips given below to study quickly and learn much in a little time.

Tips to Learn much when You Have Little Time

Use Study Guides

If your teacher has given you a study guide, be sure to use it for your advantage. Check everything written in your guide and relate it to the information given in your textbooks and other reference materials you have. Then create a short summary of all most important facts. If you can’t do it, use Google. Do this for all topics, which you have in your study guide and then quiz yourself over all of them. Make sure to retain all crucial facts and dates. For the best effect, study with someone else.

Create a Study Guide If You Don’t Have One

Not all teachers give study guides. So, if you don’t have one, create one by yourself. Make a list of all important and broad topics from your textbook. Then follow the same rules (see point 1).

Review and Copy the Notes

Most likely, you have much useful information in your notes. If you don’t have your own notes, ask someone else to give theirs to you. Copy the notes and don’t forget to thank the person when you return them. Read the notes through and rewrite them (handwriting helps retain the information). Create flash cards and quiz yourself.


Scan your textbook. Pay attention to the most important information – everything typed in bold or italics, as well as tables, diagrams, pictures etc. Take notes on this information. Review the notes after you’ve done skimming.

Find Summaries

It doesn’t always work, but you can try to find a summary of the book you have to study. Again, take notes while reading the summary and review them afterwards.

Talk to an Expert

It doesn’t have to be your teacher. Talk to a classmate who knows the topic very well and can help you grasp the required information. It’ll help you proceed to the most important facts right away without wasting your time on reading everything else. Again, remember about the notes.

Ask for an Extension

It doesn’t work with all teachers, but you may at least try. Don’t forget to find a good reason why you haven’t studied.

Calm down

Don’t get stressed. Finish your study in the evening and get a good sleep. Make the best out of the situation anyway.

In a perfect world, you’d never put yourself into a situation when you need to study last minute. You’d study throughout the semester and wouldn’t have to rush. But we all live in the real world and one can’t always do everything. Hope these tips will help you if you happen to get into such a situation!

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