How to Write a Research Paper on the Environmental Problems

How to Write a Research Paper on the Environmental Problems

If you need to write a paper on environmental issues, we are here to help you! Read this article to learn what aspects you need to cover in your essay and how you should structure it. Be sure that if you follow our tips, you will get the highest grade and even enjoy the process of writing your essay!

Choosing a Topic for Environment Issue Research Paper

  • Research the issue related to the environment that interests you the most
  • Try to begin your research with a question, such as “Do alternative fuels really have advantages compared to fossil fuels?”, “Is recycling beneficial for the environment?” etc.
  • Use more specific topics and avoid broad ones, such as “What is nature?” or “Are we accountable for climate change?”
  • Choose the most current, actual, and debatable topic
  • Research all sides of debates on the topic to evaluate their views, analyze them, and form your personal opinion
  • Create your own argument based on the studied information

The Format of Environment Issue Research Paper

  • Introduction. Choose the issue that is the most interesting to you. State your opinion about it.
  • Main body. Discover the question on the topic, explore the issue from many sides, test your opinion, and take into account expert opinions and different facts. Don’t try to just support your initial opinion. Test it and keep an open mind. Don’t forget to use your critical thinking skills.
  • Conclusion. Restate your opinion and claim the truth you have tested in your paper. Give references to your inquiry process to explain this truth.
  • Works cited. Make a list of all sources you have used. Be accurate while providing all necessary information about the sources. Don’t forget to write this list according to the MLA-format.

In your research paper on the environment, you have to join a conversation and come up with your own ideas based on your research. To create a successful paper, you need to study the opinions of other people and compare-and-contrast them with your own thoughts. If during writing your paper it turns out that you have to change your perspective and get a more informed opinion about the issue, it is totally okay. Make your statement correct and valuable to yourself and to your readers. Open your mind to other people’s opinions, expand your outlook and enter a completely new world!

Some More Tips for Your Environment Issue Research Paper

  • Don’t forget to format your paper in accordance with MLA guidelines (title, header, page numbers, works cited list, etc)
  • Utilize at least 4 sources: 3 print-based articles or books and 1 online source
  • Be sure to check your paper for grammar and spelling
  • Ask your tutor to help you or go to the Writing Center in your college whenever you need any assistance with writing or formatting your research paper

If you use our tips, you’re bound to be successful!

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