How to Write an Opening Sentence for an Essay?

How to Write an Opening Sentence for an Essay?

For most students, coming up with the introductory sentence for their essay is more difficult than doing research and writing the entire paper. This issue is understandable, because the first sentence of an essay is extremely important. It is the very first thing that the reader will see when begin reading your essay, and it should make them sure that they want to read the entire paper. For this reason, the first sentence needs to be attention grabbing and interesting. It should not be lackluster, because in this case, the reader will think that the entire paper is also lackluster. Besides, the first sentence also needs to convey the idea of your paper.

Combining these two things in a single sentence is not an easy task, so at times it can be really challenging to write the first sentence. Sometimes, it remains an issue for a student even after they have finished writing the entire paper.

To help you solve this problem and write n attention grabbing and compelling first sentence, keep the following tips in mind:

  • First of all, do not write any cliché sentences. For example, beginning with a definition would be a good old cliché. Before your start writing, brainstorm a little bit. The first three ideas that come to mind should be better discarded, because, most likely, they are quite common. Your task here is to come up with something more unexpected.
  • Do your brainstorming in two stages. First, decide on the kind of sentence you want to write. For example, it can be some statistic data on your topic, exciting fact, or even a question. Then think over its purpose. Do you want it to argue with something or educate your reader about a certain question?

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  • When you complete both stages of brainstorming, it is high time you began constructing your first sentence. Write what comes to mind based on your deecision and then revise it a few times. Make sure that this sentence is intriguing. It should sound exciting, so that the reader wants to devote some to the entire paper after reading it. Therefore, choose your words very carefully. It is also a good idea to brainstorm the way you speak about habitual things and find the ways to speak about them differently. Since the first sentence is so important, every word in it needs to have its ideal place.
  • When you are done writing and think that you made your first sentence perfect, be sure to check it for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. To make sure that everything is fine, you can show it to your friend, parent, or sibling and ask for their opinion.

Now you know how to write the first sentence of your essay. Just keep all the above-mentioned recommendations in mind and do your best while brainstorming. Hope that from now on this task will not be so challenging for you.

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