Introvert’s Social Life in College

Introvert’s Social Life in College

Socializing is always a challenge especially when it comes to happen in a new place with sheer strangers. Some people can’t live without new experiences; others see it as a confrontation with their deepest fears. Anyway, college is a place where you can freely communicate and socialize with your peers. It is a place where you become a real adult. So, it is high time to start making new friends.
Introverts are not that easy persuaded by some motivating phrases. Thus, here is a list of definitely successful advice:

Create a Situation to Talk

Ask questions, look for new information, and never hesitate. There is always a situation that is not clearly explained or written. Ask your neighbor, classmate, professor and you are already having a conversation. Who knows how it will go further. Maybe in an hour you will be having a lunch together.

Start an Extracurricular Activity

Every college provides a variety of activities that are always available for students. Have you ever dreamt of playing in a band or discuss modern literature in a club? That is a great opportunity to start it. In this way, you will be surrounded by people who share your interests. I am certain it will help to start talking to them. Moreover, those gatherings are frequent, and you don’t have to find a reason to go there.

Social Networking for Communication

Meeting online is also a cool option for making friends. If you met someone during your classes, but you didn’t have enough courage to come and talk, you can easily add this person to the list of your Facebook friends and start a conversation. This usually works. At first, you talk online, get to know each other, then you meet, hang out, talk more, meet other people, and it goes on and on. You have new acquaintances, and you are always surrounded by people.

Studying Together

Making a project, preparing for classes or tests is a chance to find your soulmate. In difficult situations true friends can be found. Moreover, it will be more fun to study with someone else. This usually means tea breaks, small talks about family, hobbies and other things. Then it becomes a tradition, and you meet more and more. Finally, you spend quality time after classes just going to the cinema or night clubs.

Start using these four simple tricks and you will see how easy it is to make friends in new surroundings. Furthermore, your college life will become more diverse and fascinating, full of new adventures, stories, and moments of excitement.

Friendship starts with a small common detail and becomes bigger and bigger each day like a bonfire with every second log.

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