Inventions that Changed the Course of History

Inventions that Changed the Course of History

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Thousands of years the humanity tries its best to make life more comfortable, easier and more favorable. During the last decades, technological progress has become a part of our being. It rules economies, politics and businesses of the countries, and even the course of the lives of the average citizens.

Scientists and scholars devoted all their lives to conducting studies and making experiments in the fields of biology, theoretical physics, chemistry, quantum physics, etc. We are lucky to enjoy the products of their hard work. These are the gadgets, processes, techniques and a great range of other things. It is hard to rate all the discoveries that changed our lives as each single invention should be praised and valued. Here we propose the list of the most interesting discoveries to get to know about.


The creation of the wheel was an epoch-making event. Unfortunately, the more detailed information about how it all was made is unknown. Many scientists consider it as the beginning step that pushed the development of the industry. The wheel was regarded as the first automatic device created for machines. Since the moment it was used, people have suffered less from the hellish work at the medieval factories. However, if you would have a chance to see that, so to say, the first wheel, you would be wondered how it looked like. Obviously, it was something far from the ones we are using today.


Nowadays, there are many alternative sources of energy, so when the kitchen stove does not work, we can easily cook something using electricity. Nevertheless, our ancestors would hardly survive without fire. Its discovery is acknowledged as a turning point in the human evolution. It was the only method to warm themselves during harsh winters, feed the whole family, and protect from wild animals.

Printing Press

Have ever been reading a book, taping a text on your laptop and thinking that all these things are available nowadays due to Johannes Gutenberg? This German scientist designed and built a printing press in 1439. It gave the possibility to make the copies and spread the books in Europe. From now on, people had a chance to get printed variants of the books that existed only in one exact copy before.

Light Bulb

It turned out to be a real sensation in the scientific world. Everyone wanted to have this wonder in the house. The invention left behind the gas lamps and the fire. The first light bulb was created by Humphry Davy in 1800. In a few decades, Thomas Edison improved it and empowered the humanity with such an important resource.

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