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Going to college is a challenging experience for any young person and one of the most asked question is whether he or she has been admitted or not. There are a great number of factors according to which colleges choose the candidates. The criteria of college admission differ from college to college, and it is sometimes difficult to foresee all the requirements. First of all, colleges are actually not able to admit all the candidates as the number may exceed their capacity. Nevertheless, a waitlist might become a tricky delay, so the students on the waitlist should take certain actions to make sure they are successful candidates.

  • Make some research into the policy of a college or university concerning messages from those students who are on a waitlist. There are some institutions where students’ communications are not welcomed. There are some colleges that have a system of online communication with applicants, but these communications are really short. In some colleges, it is possible to send additional materials, such as recommendation letters. Although, if this is not requested, do not send any.
  • Show continuously that you are interested in going to this college/ university. Of course, it is evident you have to, but it is also obvious for the universities/colleges that if invited by any other university or college, a student on a waitlist will accept the offer as it is more secure than just waiting. Thus, you have to show that you are still eager to go to this university/college.
  • Make sure you update the information. Add some achievements of yours and do not hesitate to praise yourself. Your volunteering, for instance, is not something a university/college needs to know, but your high scores in IELTS or TOEFL are surely an advantage.
  • Make sure you have options. The waitlisted students are the least likely to be accepted. A lot of students are randomly taken off the waitlist after those students who are accepted have refused to enter. Do not make the waitlist your priority. A lot of students on the waitlist will be notified only at the end of summer.
  • Look for a possibility to be interviewed by a university/college. There are not many universities/colleges that provide interviews for the students on a waitlist. In case they do, make sure you are the first to ask for one. Having a meeting in person cannot be compared to any written application even if it is brilliant. So, take any advantage of expressing yourself in spoken words rather than in written ones. A university/college will appreciate it.

All in all, you have to be ready to face the truth: there are the things you can control or change. Once you have followed all the above tips and done your best, the only thing left is to wait. Think of it as the process of getting a valuable experience, which will be of great use in future.

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