Personal Qualities of School Prefect

Personal Qualities of School Prefect

The school prefect has a number of duties and qualities; if you decide to get this position, you will find these tips useful.

Help the School Staff

Being a prefect is one of the most important roles that a student can have in school. He or she is working to create a better place to study, and the teachers will definitely want and will be able to rely on an adult and conscious person.

Becoming school prefect in the last school year is a great way to finish your education and gain a huge plus for the future. Studies have shown that many successful businesspersons held responsible positions at school; besides, the post of the head of the school will look rather advantageous in any questionnaire or resume.

Support the Younger Ones

Knowing that there are “elders” in the school who are always ready to help will help new younger schoolchildren to adapt more quickly.

Watch for Discipline

The prefect has an indisputable advantage over teachers because younger children try to take an example from him or her.


Many new students are very impressionable, and a meeting with a self-confident, always ready to help headman can be remembered for a long time and become a fateful one for them because they will want to be like you.

Develop Your Communication Skills

The most vital thing here is to be sympathetic and friendly with students, parents, and visitors. All listed above requires you to be self-confident and to have the ability to establish good contacts and communicate with people. Assertiveness is a quality that many leaders need to learn. Constant communication with other people will help you gain a sense of self-confidence within the school. Explore how people react to you and try to adjust your communicative behavior accordingly to become the best prefect.

Take Part in the Life of the School

The prefect usually gets a lot of important tasks related to organizing school activities for pupils and their parents. Participation in such events will raise your personal rating and will not go unnoticed by the teachers of the school. Moreover, it will also give you invaluable experience for arranging such activities.

Be Responsive

A kind and friendly prefect, who is well going to contact, usually wins a maximum of respect. It is better to offer help to those who, in your opinion, need it, than wait until you are asked about it. In addition, such suggestions will be accepted more gratefully.

If any obligation that you have received is too complex or not convenient for you, it is better to discuss the situation with your supervisor. Do not use your position as a way to intimidate other students and do not become a bully. If the prefect is abusing his or her powers, he or she will be removed from this post.

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