Should You Stick to Long Distance Relationship in College?

Should You Stick to Long Distance Relationship in College?

Should You Break Up with Your Long Distance Partner in College?

Despite the fact that long distance relationships really suck, I keep getting into them. So, I can be called the expert in the area. I was even invited to participate in a radio show devoted to the topic of long distance relationships. Although this type of romantic relationship is often difficult, there is certainly something good about it. For example, scientists say that partners who are geographically separated develop closer connection than those who meet regularly.

College makes the life of a young person more complicated. So, long distance relationships in college often become unbearable and fail as a result. If you want to be honest with yourself and make a firm decision whether to continue dating your long distance partner, answer the questions below and they will help you make up your mind.

Is Your Relationship Physical Enough?

I am not talking about sex only. Physical contact really matters in a romantic relationship. So, if you lack hugs, kisses, touches, and sex in your relationship, consider breaking up.

How Long Have You Been Together?

For partners who have been together for many years and know each other well, long distance relationship may work. If you view your partner as a future husband/wife, it is worth going through long distance relationship with him/her.

Has Your Communication Changed?

Communication is essential in long-distance relationships. So, you and your partner should be deeply concerned with keeping in touch regularly. If it is not so, think of the ways to improve your communication or break up.

Do You Go through Major Fundamental Problems?

If both of you are not satisfied with your relationship and there are certain bedrock problems between you two, being geographically separated will only add complications into your relationship and ruin it completely sooner or later.

For how Long will You be Separated? Will there Be any Reprieves?

The most important thing is to make up plans in a long distance relationship. If the separation is not going to last long and you will be able to meet, for example, once in a month, you should not be concerned about breaking up just because of that. On the other hand, if you or your partner are moving abroad and there will be no chance to meet for a long time, be honest with yourself and decide whether you will be able to go through such a long separation.

I hope that you had a frank conversation with your inner self and finally made up your mind. Good luck!

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