Tips on How to Write a Great College Essay

Tips on How to Write a Great College Essay

For some students, it is rather hard to write a college application essay. But with some essential recommendations from the most sophisticated experts, the following assignment can become not very complicated! So, read on to learn what these recommendations are.

Establish a Thesis

For most students, the main challenge is to start writing an essay. To facilitate this step, you should establish a thesis and add it into your first paragraph. Afterwards, it will be easier for you to go on and add evidence and supporting details to this thesis. It won’t only help you write better, but also allow the reader to better understand what you are talking about in your essay.

Narrow the Focus of Your Essay

Think over the topic of your essay. It can tell about an important experience you have had that changed your life at some point. You may recall several significant experiences from your life, but better choose only one of them. If you choose more, you won’t impress the admission officers, but rather confuse them. So, select one experience and make your essay easy to read and understand.

Be Sincere

Don’t write the phrases that you think admission officers want to hear. If you do, you’ll end up writing a generic essay full of phrases that are meaningless to you. Therefore, it will be better if you sincerely tell about yourself and share your personal opinion on your topic.

Don’t Add Too Many Quotes or Historical Facts

Some students consider that if they add many historical facts and quotes into their essay, it’ll be impressive. However, too many facts and quotes may distract the reader from the idea you want to convey. So, include facts and quotes into your essay only if they serve a particular purpose for its content.

Don’t Use Too Many Adjectives

According to some students, another way to impress the admission officers is to consult a thesaurus, find a lot of adjectives there and use them all to describe a simple concept or phenomenon. These students are wrong. It’s much better to express your ideas naturally and use a single adjective when it’s enough for that.

Reread Your Essay Several Times

When you are done writing, the work is not over yet. It’s time to start proofreading and editing your essay. Remember that there should be no grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, or misspellings in it. Some of these mistakes can be fixed by checking the essay using a word processor. But since there are errors that can slip through it, you should also carefully reread it several times. Afterwards, give it to someone else to check it once again, as well.

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