Top 5 Benefits of News Diet

Top 5 Benefits of News Diet

You’ve probably heard that if you do something for a long time, it becomes a part of your unconscious and turns into a habit. It happens with lots of things that we do in our lives, but in this article, I want to talk about news. On the one hand, watching news makes you aware of what’s going on in the world, but on the other hand, you’ll find out about the most important stuff anyway, so what’s the reason to spend your time and spoil your nerves watching the news which is most of the time – plainly disturbing? Here are the top 5 advantages that you will get if you stop watching news:

You’ll Feel Much Better

Considering the fact that news programs mostly include disturbing news, while avoiding the uplifting ones, you may have noticed what effect they have on you. Mostly people feel stress, insecurity and anxiety after watching news. But it’s only 30 minutes a day or less! Just imagine how you would feel like if you would surround yourself with negative information on purpose for the whole day. So, why do you need these 30 minutes? Abstain from this and you will notice that your mood is getting better.

You Can Do Something Worthwhile

Try to ask a person who’s watching news programs regularly why they’re doing this and you’ll hear something like “I’d like to be aware”, “I need to know what’s going on in the world” etc. In fact, more than a half of that information doesn’t add any value to you and just overloads your brain. Please remind me what the news anchor has told you on the 13th of March? You don’t remember and nobody does, because it’s unimportant! If you abstain from watching unnecessary information on a daily basis, you will find a little bit more time to perform something useful.

You Start Discussing Things That Matter

People who watch news also say that it helps them to support discussion with coworkers and friends. Well, considering the value of this information, what are these discussion worth? When you stop watching news, you can finally start discussing something that really matters – science, philosophy, common interest etc. - with your friends and coworkers

You Find Better Ways to Be Aware

It’s not that being aware of what’s going on in the world is a bad thing, it’s about the way that this awareness and information are given to you. News that comes to us via TV programs is often biased and has a certain emotional shade. In case you want to be aware, better go to the CNN website and spend 3 minutes browsing headlines and 15 minutes reading the news that you’re really interested in.

You Stop Doing Nothing

Let’s be honest – being aware and having something to discuss with your friends is a bad reason to watch news daily. A lot of people do this because they just got used to it or because they’re lazy. How often people do something about the problem that they’ve heard in the news? Very seldom. So, why do this? It’s better to spend this time on solving matters that you really care about.

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