Unbelievably Weird College Rules

Unbelievably Weird College Rules

If you think that beginning classes at 8 a.m. or restricting students from using their cell phones during classes are the strictest rules ever, you’re wrong. There are such weird college rules that it’s hard to believe that they actually exist.

Shocking College Rules

  • Students of Vellore Institute of Technology are not allowed to talk on the phone late at night. If caught doing so, they are obliged to hand their phones in and write a note explaining why they had to use their phone and who they spoke to.
  • If you are going to enter Oral Roberts University, get ready for the university’s total control of your personal life. You will be prohibited not only to drink alcohol and take drugs, but also to swear, dance, get tattoos or body piercing. What’s more, you won’t be allowed to work in a place where anything of the above mentioned might occur. If you neglect this rule, you are very likely to get expelled.
  • Students of Bob Jones University are not allowed to have premarital sex or engage in homosexual relationships. In addition, male and female students can’t spend time together unless there’s a chaperon watching them.
  • Paul Quinn College has requirements to the way students dress. They are required to wear formal attire to classes. If they disobey, they will have to do community service as a punishment.
  • Boys with a beard should think twice before applying to Birgham Young College, because they will be forced to get rid of their precious facial hair. The college has strict grooming rules. You’re only allowed to have a beard if you have a medical condition, which prevents you from shaving regularly.
  • Pensacola Christian College has got some really weird rules. For instance, students are restricted from extra studying, which is not that bad, and singing loudly in the shower at night.

So, do you feel now like your college is heaven on earth comparing to these colleges?

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