What Is a Narrative Essay?

What Is a Narrative Essay?

The purpose of creating a narrative essay is to report to the audience on a sequence of certain events. Unlike description essay, you should focus only on facts and events but not on the characteristics of people and objects. The narrative essay does not imply the use of the expressive and emotional style of conveying the ideas.

The work on any literary text (including a narrative essay) has three main stages, such as preparation, writing, and editing. If one of these steps is skipped, you will not get a good result.

An Outline

Preparation is the most important and decisive stage in work on any literary text. Your result will depend on how well and meticulously you have thought of everything. Preparation for writing consists of some steps, such as the selection of material, development of the text structure, and creating a plan.


First, you need to write down the main idea so that it is always before your eyes. Then you should describe the sequence of events below. Do not be afraid to bring all your ideas into the plan. You may throw away all the unnecessary things, leaving the most successful ideas that will become the solid basis of your story. In the future, as you gain experience and skill, you will be able to reduce the volume of your plans or even go to spontaneous writing.

Text Writing

This is the main but not the most critical part of the work. With a thought-out plan, writing becomes a purely technical procedure. However, it is worth adhering to some recommendations.

You should avoid using clichés. It is crucial to remember that in most cases the simplicity of the style is better than artificial pretentiousness. Novice authors like to decorate their texts with various forms of artistic expression (long descriptions full of epithets and metaphors, as well as poems and epigraphs). Almost always they are out of place.


Types of Clichés

Plot clichés are the actions and techniques used by writers, directors, and playwrights on a regular basis. If you take the plot (or part of the plot) of a well-known film, series, or computer game as the basis of the text, the reader will definitely notice it. Clichéd speech is characterized by the most frequently used artistic means of expressiveness that have become familiar to the reader.

Do not be afraid to write a lot. Do not try to copy someone's style. Find your own formulations and ideas. As practice shows, they are the most suitable. Your essay is a part of your soul, your individuality, and it is clothed in the form that you choose. This is the key to the formation of the original author's style.

Knowing these recommendations, you can write a good narrative essay quickly and easily, avoiding trivial mistakes.

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