Writing a Casual Cause-Effect Essay

Writing a Casual Cause-Effect Essay

The analysis essay is intended to answer the “why” question of your life. It brings the clarification to the chosen subject. This type of essay makes complex and confusing things in your life easier to comprehend. The first most common question little babies ask their parents is “Why?”, trying to understand, what is going on around them and, of course, the reasons of all these processes. An ordinary cause-effect essay studies the origin of a certain issue and the consequences of its result – why it happened and what it led to. If the essay is written on a serious topic and if the thoughts are clearly laid out, then this paper will definitely grab reader’s attention.

Learning to Write an Effective Analysis Essay

Choose a Subject

You want your paper to be eye-catching, so it is a significant step to decide upon a serious topic. It should be as absorbing as original – reasons to go to university, the causes of the Crusades, or even why people apply for a distant studying. Be sure there are decent reasons and clear results to write about.

When it is time to think about the effects, take into account the importance of the consequences. The causes must be really profound for you to be able to find supportive arguments.

Think of a Thesis Statement

The most important part of your essay is a thesis. As it is a basement for the whole paper, it must be well-prepared and solid. You should be able to include the entire aim of the essay, as well as the logical arguments for it in a single sentence.

Follow the Structure

The number of ideas in your thesis should correspond with the number of the paragraphs – each single cause or effect argument must be organized in a separate paragraph. In order to connect the ideas, use clear examples and links between the arguments, illustrating their common relationships. Moreover, it is much more effective to demonstrate cause-effect connections rather than giving contrast or even comparison examples – your analysis essay must be illustrative but not demonstrative.

Finish Confidently

As soon as you are done with the main body, it is time to create the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. In the first part, it is advisable to provide a hook – a statistic data, provided by an influential group, or a citation, aired by a popular identity, anything that will surely grab the readers’ attention. As you remember, there is an already prepared thesis statement for your essay, so it is significant to put it at the end of your introduction.

In the conclusion, summarize all the relationships that you have made through the essay, putting emphasis on the cause-effect connections. Be brief and laconic, but be sure to mention all the important facts. Lastly, check your essay and proofread it so that no unnecessary mistakes spoil your work.

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