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«Theoretical Reflection»


The website is constructed as a valuable source of data about the important matter of how to unplug your life. Built consequentially, it provides all the information related to the Pull the Plug campaign of fictional Heart Smart Foundation. Some of the ways to the art of unplugging are presented in a particular theme of the site that is reachable by managing the menu. Easily navigated the website can be used by anyone who want to learn more about changing lives and grasp the general ideas of healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

Fact Sheet

General assignment of the fact sheet was to introduce and acquaint with the main purposes of the fictional Heart Smart Foundation’s campaign. According to Penman, the paper will work the best in case of reader in mind (Penman, 1998). In this way, content organisation is easy for understanding and well fitted to fulfil the informational goal.  Thorough design originally constructed to promote the “unplugging” conceptions and healthy lifestyle ideas to those who tired of constant nine-to-five working pressure, stresses and looking for ways of life-changing experience both physically and mentally. The fact sheet can be found as an informative tool on the website or spread as a promotional paper for different social institutions.

Magazine Spread

Two pages of magazine spread is formulated as one unit of information about Art of Unplugging by Brianna Upton for the Third Metric blog by “Huffington Post” magazine. Covering as much as possible social groups its targeting audience is younger ambitious generation.  The first page as introduction involve reader into the theme of the innovative lifestyle as the following second page reveals all the details and pieces of advice. The magazine spread is built not only to introduce and acquaint with the main purposes of the Heart Smart Foundation’s campaign, but to induce the new breed to be taught and be inculcated with the habits of healthy and long living without excessive stress and overworking.

Methods of effective typography was used to bring the mood and to form the attitude to the presented information for promotion purposes of the Pull the Plug campaign (White, 1999). Bight main heading draw the attention and influence the  approachability of article and thus interact in withdrawal, but not summarization (Lorch, 1996). First big capitalized “W” character makes the structure of the text more interesting and eye-catching.  Exemplification by adding two illustrations on both pages, helps to make the whole idea to be interactive and understandable (White, 1999). The hierarchy of heading constructed consequentially to provide reader with a clear and visually informative content (Bernhard, 1986). Grey colour with the blue undertone gradient as the background  is in a general way conservative and established but at the same time it brings sophisticated and contemporary style to the whole spread. It should be considered as a light foundation for readable and approachable text. Numbered subheadings in Kristen ITC-Regular font 13 pt size draw the attention to the developing details of the article. Main body content, that reveals and explains the key ideas of unplugged lifestyle structured into two columns on the first page and three columns on the second page to balance out the heaviness of the information. Body aligned left with 3mm indent on the first line of each paragraph and with horizontal rules in between the text columns. Minion Pro-Regular 14pt size in a fact sheet and magazine spread and 9pt size with leading set to 120% (10.8pt) on the website was used as a clean, neutral font with a very comprehensive and contemporary variety of styles (Padova, 2011). Showcard Gothic-Regular font used in coral colour to emphasise the joyfulness in the headings meaning in a fact book as well as in magazine spread.



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