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«Korean Town in New York»

Korean town is known for an exclusive supermarket and restaurant business. The town has a remarkable influence in the corporate sector across the New York City. Apparently, the supermarkets and restaurants are the most lucrative ventures that a number of entrepreneurs are attracted to. The town is popularly known for its dominant Korean culture and booming Korean-owned businesses. During my first visit to this town, I discovered that all business enterprises there are usually stacked on top of each other due to the Korean mindset about the location of a business. Koreans believe that if the business is thriving, one needs to be on top of it as a way of ensuring a steady flow of customers. The popularity of Korea town is therefore attributed to a number of aspects which are unique to the development of other business centers. This essay narrates the experience I recently had when visiting Korean Town in New York.

During my visit, I learnt that Korean town is historically affiliated to Manhattan which is part of the Garment Districts. The town is primarily a business district of the Korean origin. The neighborhood of the Korean town has experienced an increment in European as well as Korean traffic. Similarly, the resident Korean population in this town has been growing concurrently. There has never been an agreement or formal plan to create a Korean commercial district in Manhattan. Nonetheless, the high tourist traffic that stems from nearby landmarks of Midtown Manhattan such as Empire State Building, Penn Station, Mercy’s Herald Square, Madison Square Garden, and the Garment district. Korea town sprang into being. Therefore, additional stream of Korean-owned businesses successfully took roots in the neighborhood. The coinciding thing is that the town experienced increased immigration of Koreans who sought opportunities for business investments and settlement among other interests. With the rising demand for the prime location, property values have also generally increased in the area.

The main reason as to why I liked this town is that the restaurants and supermarkets operate in a unique and exciting manner as compared from the other towns within New York City. Owing to the strategic location of the town, the restaurants and supermarkets serve customers from all walks of life from within and without the town. On that day, I observed that the location of the town makes it an outstanding commercial center in New York City. The town happens to be in the heart of the small neighborhood called Korea Way; it is bound by the strip of W. 32nd Street that is situated right between the Fifth Avenue and Broadway. Due to this location, the Korean restaurants host a lot of tourists from around the globe who are attracted to exraordinary sceneries including cultural artifacts of the Korean origin mingled with a plethora of commercial products. On the other hand, I observed that the supermarkets equally receive overwhelming number of customers involving both tourists as well as the residents of the town. These two amenities are especially very focal in the town as they are among the very few entities that operate on a 24/7 basis.

The most significant aspect which boosts restaurants and supermarkets in Korean town, as I saw, is the availability of residential quarters in the vicinity. Amazingly, people of the Korean origin also demonstrate their solidarity by conducting most of their social and economic activities together with the proprietorship of a chain of restaurants and supermarkets being one of the most common things. This indicates the reason why the streets of Korean city were congregated with teens and merchants of the Korean origin. These people came along with the tourists to fill restaurants thereby enjoying delicacies such as the Korean barbecue chicken, raw fish, and sugary pastries. Their merriment is what makes the town unique compared with the neighboring towns in the city of New York. Consequently, the uniqueness was a factor of attraction even for other people of non-Korean background who were interested in learning new things about the Korean culture and buying some artifacts. In fact, I was informed that the town is regarded to be a multicultural tourist and commercial center, a factor that propels the mushrooming of supermarkets as well.  

The business entities amalgamated providing goods and services that meet the interests of the potential customers who frequented the town on that particular day. As such, supermarkets were equipped with products that were mostly Korean-made, while the U.S domestic commodities only supplemented the market with at least 25% of the stocks. Apart from that, supermarkets and restaurants contained numerous recreational facilities which served both religious and/or traditional Korean fusion fare and Korean-Chinese cuisine. Besides, I also saw a number of bakeries, grocery stores, bookstores, consumer electronics outlets, tchotchke and stationery shops, video rental shops, hair and nail salons, noraebang bars and night clubs which were just adjacent to the restaurants and supermarkets. Unlike other parts of New York City, Korean business entities operated virtually in an amalgamative style. Other ancillary services that were apparently valued in these supermarkets included cellphone service providers, cyber cafes, attorney offices, doctors' offices, banks, and hotels.

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Like any other suburban town in New York, Korean town is dominated with businesses being rich in the Korean culture. I found the town to be an iconic element of the City, not just as a significant commercial but also cultural, tourist and recreational center. Korean town is valued for its immense significance in uplifting people’s welfare as well as boosting the economy of the city and the country. Many other towns around the city and around the country have been benchmarking with Korean town so as to derive as many lessons as possible.  



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