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«Soccer Boots Made by 3D Printer»

Executive Summary

The 3D printing industry is a new industry. In this market, there are not players due to its novelty. However, in spite of the relatively small volume of three-dimensional printing market in absolute terms, its growth can be called rapid. Therefore, it is very beneficial to start entering this market now and be the first to gain the loyalty and dedication of customers. The proposed business product will be soccer boots made by 3D Printer. Footwear, especially footwear for soccer, is all the time being chosen by consumers with special scrupulousness, and 3D printers allow to create the most accurate and comfortable shoes with an individual approach. The target audience and future customers of these soccer boots will be people of the middle class who like playing soccer and are interested in innovations.

The company will be owned by the team of people who created the idea and paid their shares to the budget and who will also be the board of directors and management of the company. The company will not take any loans; all funds will go from the own saving of business owners because the business idea does not require huge investments. The money will be invested in the quality and future customers, thereby ensuring a fast repayment. The owners are convinced that there is a perspective future for the industry due to its innovativeness and fast growth and for the business due to its exclusiveness and future-oriented approach.

General Company Description

The company is going to be engaged in production, development, and sale of soccer boots made by 3D Printer. Thus, it will be a manufacturing business. The legal form of ownership will be a limited liability corporation (LLC). The reason is that it has many benefits. First of all, LLC unites the benefits of sole proprietorship and corporation without their disadvantages. Second, all stakeholders are not personally liable, and taxes pass through to their personal income taxes. Third, there will be less paperwork in comparison with corporation legal entity, and the shareholders and directors do not have to meet each year ( n.d.).

The mission of our company is to bring inspiration and innovation to every soccer player in the world. The company’s objective is to become a number one for the sports enthusiast. To achieve this, the best product should be produced, based on new technological achievements, and the boundaries of the production possibilities should be pushed. The company’s goals are to conquer customers’ loyalty and dedication, as well as a large share of a market for its soccer boots, to take the industry’s leading position in the field of technology and to achieve top-quality of the product, and, finally, to maximize the profit. The company wants to be effective in providing consumers with products of the company in accordance with contracts and market demand, preventing malfunctions of the company. The business philosophy is customers’ interests that are above all else, and, therefore, the business is paving the way to the consumer through an unforgettable impression of our brand, combining convenience and innovation. In fact, we are in favor of responsible consumption. Moreover, we have a common dream that inspires all team to strive for a common goal: to be the best company producing soccer boots, making the world better.

Soccer boots made by 3D printer will be marketed to young sportsmen who like playing soccer, who follow new technologies and appreciate the uniqueness, so are willing to pay for it some extra cash. They will be middle-class men aged 18-27 who are fit enough to play soccer and mainly from the United States and Europe where soccer is popular and beloved.

The 3D-printing industry is a new industry, though shoving a very rapid growth. According to EY’s Global 3D Printing Report 2016, the 3D-printing market will continue to grow, and every year will expand by 25% until 2020 (EY 2016). Business with 3D printer is a profitable niche market; this industry has the power to change the world once again, as it happened with the Internet companies. There are a lot of perspectives for the company in this industry. It is a self-organizing system; it will spread like a virus and will enter into all spheres of life; it will adapt to changing conditions and, if necessary, will transform itself (Smith 2015). However, 3D-printers in the current form are unlikely to appear, creating a competition for the company, because the barrier to entry is too high. CNC routers have long existed, but they are not present in every home, because this is a tool, as well as 3D-printer in its current form. They require some basic knowledge to work what is advantageous for our company (Smith 2015).

The most important strengths and core competencies of the company are talented employees with the knowledge of 3D-printer, its construction, processes, etc., and ability to catch an idea about the product and shift it to the required format. Our dedication, modern usage, and care for consumers will make the company succeed. Moreover, the company’s competitive strength is the unique product features and skilled employees whose experience and knowledge will bring the company on top of the industry.


Footwear is a commodity that is in great demand in all segments of the population, to the choice of which people approach responsibly. Footwear for soccer players is a specific segment because they are the most captious to their shoes, and thanks to our special 3D-printer, it can be easily adjusted to every taste and color.

Nowadays, due to the 3D-printer, there is no need to collect and sew each detail separately in order to make footwear. Thus, our soccer boots made by 3D-printer are manufactured in one piece, so they fit perfectly a foot, do not tear to pieces and do not unravel at the weakest places after getting excessive moisture. The resulting ideal form allows boots to sit on the foot like a glove. If a person has individual features of the ankle structure, it is possible to take into account this problem, eliminating it through necessary changes needed of the original model.

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Our soccer boots made by 3D-printer are not similar to any other footwear in the world, in spite of whether it is printed or manufactured. The colors and the forms will be bright, unique and futuristic, what will allow customers to stand out from the crowd. However, for those who wish not to stand out, there will be a line of classical soccer boots. Moreover, in the brand store, there will be an additional service on demand of taking individual measurements of customers before the purchase and based on the received data, 3D-printer will print sneakers, on the same day, right in the store. Each model can be unique, taking into account individual wishes of a client.

Moreover, the company is going to establish a line of environmentally friendly soccer boots made by 3D-printer. The upper part of the shoe will be made with plastic waste from what makes completely new concept of eco shoes. Besides, the material of such shoes will be completely biodegradable.

Soccer boots made by 3D-printer will be sold in two ways. One way is in the brand stores where the mentioned above services will be provided, and another way is through the company’s website. Thus, our soccer boots will also exist in digital form, and a person after payment will be able to download their model and print on the 3D-printer. Besides, customers will also be able to adjust the boots to their individual parameters and even to change its color just by using different inks. So, customers will only have to choose the model, enter the required dimensions in the program, press ‘print’ and after a short amount of time, on their hands, there will be new ergonomic shoes.

The resources and necessary materials for production of soccer boots made by 3D-printer do not require significant spending (King 2014). The highest spending requires the purchase of 3D-printers and salary for skilled workers. Thus, our product will cost $150 for the beginning in order to be competitive. With the passage of time and development of the industry, the price will be reduced, adjusting to the existing demands.

Thus, the following are the benefits and competitive advantage of our soccer boots made by 3D-printer:

  1. The unique excellent quality of entire footwear and the components allow producing high-strength shoes
  2. The most comfortable footwear ever
  3. The unique futuristic design
  4. Ability of personalization
  5. Eco-friendliness
  6. Relatively low price due to available supplies
  7. Ability to buy two-way
  8. Impeccable precision manufacturing of models
  9. High-speed of printing, what allows meeting the growing demand



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