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Name of film: Crazy Cukkad Family


Crazy Cukkad Family is a Bollywood comedy that was released in early 2015. The movie is about a wealthy man who dies and leaves his estranged children. Having received positive reviews at home, the next project is to showcase the film to the American market. The main objective of this paper is to use the SOSTAC Model to promote the Bollywood movie to American audience.

SOSTAC Model of Marketing of the Movie Crazy Cukkad Family

Invented by Paul Smith, the SOSTAC Model is now used by many organizations in the world to create a digital marketing plan. SOSTAC is an acronym that focuses on six elements that stands as

Situation Analysis - (where we are now) will ask about the current state of the business

Objectives - (where we want to get into) help in listing of an overview of the business goals

Strategy – (How we will go there) helps in providing for the big picture plan that will be used in achieving the goals

Tactics - (details of how we are going to get there) helps in breaking the big picture into achievable small details

Action – (specific tasks for individuals) helps in assigning deadlines and responsibility for tasks created

Controls – (how to control, develop and measure the process) offers a way of tracking of the plan.

  1. Situation Analysis

This is the first stage of implementing digital marketing planning framework. The first stage will help in providing an overview of our film, what it is about and how we intend to interact online. The situational analysis will address the internal and external factors that impact the film industry.

The Customers

Digital customer: Since the release of the movie Crazy Cukkad Family in January 2015, we have analyzed that most of our viewers are within the age bracket 15 – 45 years old. This is fairly a young age and our target of the American audience is people of approximately the same age.

Customer persona: from the reviews we have had since the release of the movie, there is about a 50/50 for male and female viewership. More than 50% of viewership came from 20-30 year olds. Most of these viewers came from urban setting. There was also overseas online purchase and a bigger percentage came from America. This was the main reason for screening the movie in America after its release in India. Most of the people purchase through their credit cards while the route of purchase was through mixed mode; search engine and through an affiliate website.

SWOT Analysis


  • English subtitles
  • The film was shot in India and we will use our sponsors, the Tourism Board and the Indian Embassy in American to market the movie to the American audience and especially to potential tourists.
  • The film is in fact about a family in India but with ties in America and will definitely attract American audience.
  • There is fairly a large number of Indian immigrants in American


  • The actors are mainly Indians with an Indian accent


  • Make use of the Indian embassy in America
  • Our association with Tidal, a global streaming company
  • Internet


  • Millions of other foreign films from across the world.
  • Hundreds and perhaps thousands of comedy films in America.
  1. Objectives

According to PR Smith, we will use the 5 Ss (sell, serve, speak, save and sizzle) to help us appreciate where we want to get into. We will then turn the 5Ss to SMART (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Time-related). This will be done by engaging the audience/customers, increase our brand visibility and increase email engagement. Our first and main objective is to get about 1% of the American audience to buy tickets and another 2% to buy the movie through online portals.

We will also create a brand visibility for the movie as from June 2015 through to August 2015. We will use Google analytics to measure the same. We will also use email frequency to engagement existing customers.

  1. Strategy

The third stage is to help us know how we can get there in terms of fulfilling the above objectives in the second stage. We have already identified Tidal streaming services based on its key strengths (global operation, product range and organizational structure) to help us in reaching a wider American audience.

It is recommended that Tidal should develop a site that is geared towards foreign film lovers and provide a dedicated section for Crazy Cukkad Family customer base and be at a position to meet customer base and service objectives as set above.

  1. Tactics

This covers the specific digital tools that we will use to realize the above set objectives as well as the segments of the target market.

We have already identified Tidal as the company that we will use in streaming services mainly due to its product range, global operations, and organizational structure. It is however recommended that Tidal should develop a dedicated section for Crazy Cukkad Family to service its customer base.

The 7 Ps of Marketing

The company is also to use 7Ps of marketing mix in order to meet set objectives. The focus will therefore be on:


  • By ensuring sufficient stock levels are secured


  • By reviewing the correct ticket and streaming process


  • Online retailing will be the main hub, local theaters in America


  • They should utilize their marketing tools to utilize the effectiveness of promoting the film


  • By targeting the right audience


  • Customer to be referred to the site by referrals or by recommendations


  • This is to help in listing important strategic relationships with other companies.

Marketing Tactic

Tidal can use the following marketing strategies SEOs, Pay Per Click, Email marketing, and affiliate marketing to reach to more potential customers.

  1. Action

The fifth stage is to focus on how to bring the hatched plan to life as well as make actionable measures. Action in this stage will cover what we to achieve for the tactics listed in stage 4 above in order to help realize our objectives.

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The following below tactics are to be used and the action to be considered for each is listed. 

SEO – we have to target keywords, optimize the website and build on content. We can also link the website to that of Tidal and use their well-established online audience to announce our arrival. On content, we can make use of leading entertainment bloggers and websites to create hype about the movie.

Pay Per Click: we need to communicate to the targeted audience to ensure that the company bids on keywords. We need to have a ring fenced budget for the PPC as well as target the right keywords. Wes should also ensure that we are communicating to the buyers to ensure that we bid on keywords that are associated with the film.

Affiliate networks: we have to check what our competitors are doing (e.g. is it through online marketing tools, commission tiers or through volume affiliates).

Email marketing: if used carefully, the email software tool can help us reach as much as targeted audience as possible. We should, however, be aware to tracking email delivery and email effectiveness through conversion to sale and open rates.

  1. Control

Control is the final stage. It helps us to lay the plan and monitor it by measuring its performance based on the objectives that were set earlier. With the tactics sets, the control plan will be to provide one with a series of dashboards that are tailored for each of the tactics in stage 4. We will then be required to create weekly and a month set to monitor the dashboards that will ensure that we are in the right track in meeting the set objectives. It is also vital to communicate concerns with team members to guarantee that there is a buy in for the film.


Although, there are difficulties in selling foreign films to the American audience, we believe that with the correct marketing plan, it is still achievable. By suing a well-structured SOSTAC Plan and with the help of the tourism board in India, we will also make use of the Indian embassy in America not only to gather the right and enough audience but also promote India as a safe tourist destination for the American audience. Invented by PR Smith, the SOSTAC Plan is a simple six stage plan that acts as a guide of putting together a marketing plan that will definitely help in selling an organization or its ideas.  



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