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Hypertension is one of the prevailing health conditions among the aged. This health defect is characterized by the feeling of dizziness, persistent headaches or passing out after intense activity due to the increased blood pressure. These conditions become worse as one grows older, and may even lead to stroke.  Hypertension may be attributed to poor eating habits, lack of exercise and may be genetic in some cases. Furthermore, those who live in marginalized or poor families are likely to suffer more as they cannot receive necessary medical attention. The purpose of this study is to examine the prevalence of hypertension among the aged.

Background of the Study and Literature Review

Hypertension is a health condition that has remained a threat to the aged across the globe. Most researchers have examined various aspects of hypertension such as its causes and treatment among others. Different studies have come up with varied results on this issue. A research found out that approximately 66.7% of the US population aged above 65 years suffers from hypertension.  Furthermore, the report also confirmed that 81% of people were aware that they suffered from the condition, and about 74% were under medication (Yoon, Burt, Louis & Carrol, 2015, p.3). The report also showed that women were more aware of their hypertension status compared to men (Yoon et al., 2015).

Another study suggested that the major factors that put one at risk of hypertension are economic factors, age and family history.  Furthermore, the study reported that the risk of hypertension prevalence is higher in developed countries than in unindustrialized countries (Dogan, Toprak & Demir, 2012). The reason is the difference in lifestyles. Those in developed countries tend to consume deep-fried foods that largely contribute to hypertension.


The study used qualitative method of data collection and came up with the following findings. Firstly, the study found out that prevalence of hypertension is high amongst people aged 60 years and above. People at this age are vulnerable to various health problems, and hypertension is not an exception. People of older age have low immunity to fight diseases. Furthermore, most of them stop becoming active hence encounteringhypertension. The research also discovered that most of the people affected live in developed countries than the developing ones. Those in developing countries tend to take proper diet with low fats compared to those in advanced countries (Mancia, Grassi & Redon, 2014).  Furthermore, the study established that poor medical services increase the risk of hypertension and a high number of deaths. Those who cannot afford proper medication for hypertension suffer a lot, and the situation may even lead to death. Finally, the study found out that sometimes hypertension can be genetic. A person from a family that has cases of hypertension is at high risk of suffering from the same illness.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The strength of this study is that the researcher had a vast knowledge on the topic of hypertension among the aged. The researcher had various ideas on the issue such as its prevalence in developed countries and that it can be genetic.  The researcher went to confirm whether these suggestions from previous literature and research are true.

The weakness of the research may be biased because it was qualitative. The research findings were based on individual’s opinions and the researcher may have been under some influence due to biasness. He or she may judge other people’s perception hence influencing the outcome of the research.


The future studies should focus on examining other health defects that may expose one to the risk of hypertension. Such kind of a research will help people know the risks that expose them to hypertension, hence avoiding them. Furthermore, future research should focus on other regions apart from the US. This will give room to find out if the results obtained in the US are similar to those in other regions.


Proper medical attention should be given to the people suffering from hypertension. The government and health departments must ensure that quality services are also offered to those in poor living areas. This act will help to controll hypertension as well as increase its awareness. Additionally, those from families with a history of hypertension should take precautions from an early age to avoid complications when older. Furthermore, they should seek medical attention as early as possible so as to prevent more problems at an older age.

Application in the Real-World

In conclusion, the society should learn to support those with hypertension issues. The government and other stakeholders in health department must ensure that creation of awareness on hypertension is done. Additionally, healthcare services should be improved to offer quality medication for hypertension cases. Besides, everyone should strive to have a healthy lifestyle to avoid the risk of this illness in future.



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