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British imperial policy in South Africa c. 1860-1910 was geared primarily to safeguarding black interests against the encroachments of white settlers Introduction In the last decades of the 19th century, South Africa was the fastest growing and, at ...
Although it may be difficult for Western people to understand the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution, these events are not random or chaotic. They are largely influenced by the general historical context in China during that period. The ...
The idea of communism is a concept that was initiated by famous scholars, such as Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. The name communism was given to the established systems of social organizations that believed in the non-existence of private ownership ...
The Six-Day War is an armed conflict that happened between Israel and the Arab coalition in 1967 (Wawro, 2010, p. 255). The united Arab army that consisted of Egypt, Jordan, and Syria fought against Israel for the territory. However, it is possible ...
A series of rapid and victorious campaigns conducted by the German army in 1939-1941 demonstrated that it was necessary to adhere to the new combat tactics to achieve success. Fighting in the new conditions demanded a good intelligence and the ...

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