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«Carrie Fisher»

Carrie Fisher is a famous American actress, who became famous for the role of Princess Leia Organa in the saga Star Wars. Carrie lived with depression during the most part of her adult life, although initially, she did not ask for help. Eventually, at the age of 28, she was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder. Over the years, she has been keeping her condition under control with the aid of medication and therapy. Bipolar affective disorder is a serious disease, which, if not treated, can ruin human personality. With the help of medicine, Carrie Fisher remains a successful woman and caring mother.

Carrie was born in the vast metropolis - Los Angeles. “She was the star-child of two of the biggest names of the fifties” (Eliot, 2010, p. 155). Therefore, she was destined to become an actress as her father was a singer and her mother - an actress. The future star was not interested in school. From the early childhood, Carrie got to know the charm of fame. Already in 12 years, she appeared in public with her mother in many famous parts of Los Angeles. To realize her dream and become an actress, Carrie even left the school. She moved away from home to distant England, where she studied acting skills.

The first role of Carrie was quite small – she played in the movie Shampoo. However, when she was 19 years old, her mother heard about the promotion of a new film Star Wars. As a result of a long selection, Carrie got the role of Princess Leia Organa. She did not know anything about her future success and was very happy with a new role. For Carrie, it all looked like a game. She neither acted in such movies nor saw them on the screen. It was something new for both Carrie and the whole America. After the premiere of the first episode of Star Wars, Carrie got the real popularity. The actress started to appear on the covers of magazines and participated in presentations along with all “star” partners. After the sixth episode, her acting career began to decline. In 1985, Carrie married Paul Simon. However, after a year of a nervous marriage, she was forced to leave him. For every actor or singer, there is a tipping point in life when life becomes more difficult. After divorce, it happened to Carrie Fisher. The actress quickly became addicted to alcohol and drugs. Several years later, Carrie became the so-called “nanny scenario”. Her job was to edit and improve weak scripts. In this field, Carrie achieved considerable success. In the past few years, the actress can be seen in episodic roles in several films.

Carrie Fisher’s life cannot be called smooth. According to her mother, Carrie suffered from bipolar affective disorder since she was thirteen. In the recent years, her disease has been dramatically exacerbated. Bipolar disorder is the cause of the sudden changes of mood. This disease has two opposite poles of emotional disorders. In people suffering from this disease, mood swings occur very sharply, reaching extreme degrees of the mania or depression state. Bipolar disorder is a serious and dangerous disease. Therefore, it is crucial to make a diagnosis and begin treatment. Despite the severity of the disease, this disorder is well treated (Brock, 2014).

Mania and depression began to attack Carrie long before she went to the doctor, and spoiled life of the actress and her family. At first, Carrie Fisher refused any kind of treatment. However, when the mood swings reached a peak, and the actress was close to committing suicide, she was forced to resort to antidepressants. They have been helping her fight with the disease for more than two decades. According to the actress, pills and regular visits to the doctor help her rein the mental state. Nowadays, Carrie’s behavior is more normal and predictable. Without antidepressants, she cannot always cope with her emotions. She often loses control. Then, she becomes aggressive and unpredictable.

The American actress, who became famous for the role of Princess Leia in the famous saga Star Wars, has been living with a diagnosis of bipolar affective disorder for 24 years. Nowadays, she leads normal life, although she can do it only with the help of antidepressants and doctors.



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