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«Martin Luther King’s Lifestyle»

Martin Luther King was a revolutionary leader who spoke and advocated for non-violent means to achieve equality for all people in America (“Martin Luther King Jr.”). He really believed that all men are created equal. The evidence for it is his speech “I Have a Dream’. For example, the statement “I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal” shows his firm resolution to strive for equality in his society. The paper looks at the lifestyle of Martin Luther King: his values, attitudes and beliefs that drove his passion in the American society.

The accomplishment of Martin Luther King can be attributed to his inborn characteristics. He was the right leader dealing with the right issues at the right time. His charisma of a speaker coupled with authority and intelligence form the important pillars towards his success. Although he was young, his outstanding qualities made others forgo their aspirations as leaders and left him to lead them (“Martin Luther King Jr. – Biographical”). Every time he could join a group of protestors, he was made its leader because of his exceptional capabilities that he showed in leadership. He knew how to lead people in protests as well as how they were to participate (Firestone).

When he spoke, he was able to reach people’s hearts and minds, and this drew many people to him. He was a kind-hearted and a loving man. He always aspired that people would appreciate and follow his ideas, but did not force them to accept his point of approach. He believed in voluntary obligations (“Martin Luther King Jr. – Biographical”). His philosophy in life gave people a voice of reason and hope. He had a strong conviction that human equality would be achieved in the American society, and he always worked hard to achieve that.

Martin Luther King played multiple roles in the society (Kelly). He was a father, a husband, a preacher, and a leader who helped in the restructuring of the social systems and facilitated in the transformation of America. He was one of the most influential personalities not only in America, but also in the whole world. He was calm and curious, and he strongly opposed segregation (King 142). King lived a very astonishing life. As a young minister, King constantly questioned the limits of his belief and wisdom.

The family of Martin Luther King supported his missions, and this made it easier for him to balance his diverse roles right from being a father and a husband to being a public leader. King was multitalented. A significant proportion of values and attitudes he appreciated came from Martin Luther King Sr., his father. King’s family was highly religious, but Martin Luther King Jr. did not feel comfortable strictly observing religious worship (King 213). He still questioned the validity of religion.

Martin Luther King was not a religious fanatic and often opposed religious emotionalism. He shared a common destiny for the African-American population and consequently the whole of America’s population. He made the vision alive and appealing to masses, and this made it easier to win public support. Throughout his course, he pursued all activities with persistence and patience. King knew that it was not possible to change things overnight and therefore made series of attempts to make his voice heard. When nobody was ready to take the leadership mantle, he normally took the position with confidence and frequently assisted to answer most of the questions people asked. At the end, Martin Luther King died while trying to ensure that lives of African-American citizens were better.


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