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«Hunzicker Brothers Corporation's Hiring Process»

No matter if a company is a startup or a large multinational corporation, one of the prime secrets of its success is to hire the right people. The ideal personnel in an establishment offers the required skills that are essential for creating a good and productive working environment (Wilbur, 2000). In the contemporary society, the business world has become increasingly competitive. Therefore, all business establishments should hire their staff members wisely to guarantee their continued performance in the market. This essay is a review of Hunzicker Brothers Corporation’s hiring process. It gives a summary of the hiring practice and also recommends how to benefit from a change that happens after it.

Hunzicker Brothers Corporation

In four years, Hunzicker Brothers Corporation will be celebrating a century of its active business operations. The company has grown tremendously since 1920 and has become one of the most preferred electrical equipment distributing company from Oklahoma. The Corporation’s success depends on its management team that has instilled the innovative culture into the organization. The company received the third Certified Electrical Professional (CEP) certificate in 2012 from the National Association of Electric Distributors (NAED). It happened due to its excellent performance of acquired skills in the electrical equipment manufacturing and distribution. Today, the company operates in seven locations which are managed by a vast number of employees.

The Corporation’s Hiring Process

The success of Hunzicker Brothers is a result of the company’s culture to maintain the high-quality standards of the personnel performance. Moreover, this culture has its origin in the hiring process of the employees. The human resource management team headed by the company’s president, Mike Lockard, applies a highly efficient process of recruiting new workers to the corporation. While interviewing all the candidates, the HR team works hard in order to find the suitable people for open positions. They cooperate at every stage to implement the discovery selection system. This is a methodology that aims at obtaining a deep insight into the personalities of the applicants by uncovering the meaning of their preferences and behavior in a work environment.

Discovery Selection Job Hiring Process

According to the discovery selection process, job applicants can be divided into four primary groups: thinkers, feelers, introverts, and extroverts (Hiring The Right People, 2010). The staff members who belong to the thinkers category are critical, they are mostly motivated by the facts and data in making decisions. All their arguments come from the factual data that can substantially support their logical conclusion. On the other hand, people who are in the feeler category are more intuitive and sensitive to various issues in their environment (Hiring The Right People, 2010). In most cases, they make decisions with the reference to their feelings they experience towards a certain event. Hunzicker Brothers Corporation with the help its human resource management team evaluate all the characteristics when hiring the right people to undertake various jobs in the corporation.

The Hunzicker Brothers’ human resource management team also categorizes people as either introverts or extroverts when hiring the staff members for the corporation. Introverts are those who feel energized when working alone on the projects (Hiring The Right People, 2010). This means that these people would perform better on the individual tasks. The extroverts, on the other hand, are those who feel motivated when they work as a unit in the bigger group (Hiring The Right People, 2010). This means that they yield better results when working collaboratively with the others. When conducting the recruitment tests, the human resource managers always strive to determine if the candidates are either introverts or extroverts.

Combination of the Four Selections 

In order to attain the best candidates, the human resource management team normally considers the combinations of the four classifications. For instance, people who belong to the combination of thinkers and extroverts tend to be more result-oriented. Those who are extroverts and feelers have a better vision and possess the creative skills. Feelers and introverts are very supportive of various ideas that could be generated in an organization. Finally, people who are both introverts and thinkers are quite analytical as well as process-oriented.

Summary of the Hiring Process

The excellent performance of Hunzicker Brothers Corporation has greatly been influenced by the right staff members for every available job. This has been attributed to the diligent human resource management team that takes into consideration four segments of the discovery selection system during the recruitment process. The effectiveness of this system as an essential tool for hiring the right employees has been proved by the brilliant performance of the corporation in the market. The four segments are based on the classifications of people who might be introverts, extroverts, thinkers, and feelers. The discovery selection system as a hiring process for Hunzicker Brothers has yielded four primary benefits for the corporation.  

First, the human resource managers are able to understand the unique personalities of all employees in the organization. This is essential in allocating the staff members to their most fitting job positions within the organization. Secondly, the methodology has helped the staff members to develop their interpersonal skills when communicating with their fellow colleagues or the managers in the organizations. Effective communication is an efficient tool in a successful entity, such as Hunzicker Brothers Corporation. Thus, the company’s human resources managers are able to find the right people who are willing to introduce their products to the customers and lead others to success and prosperity.

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Areas to Recommend Changes

The discovery selection system is an invaluable tool that can permit human resource managers to hire, train, and communicate with staff members effectively during the cooperation with one particular company. Nevertheless, the reliance solely on the methodology can be detrimental to an organization in attaining the right skilled force. This is because the system offers no quantified data that can prove that a potential job candidate has the desired qualities. The validation of the system can only be performed by progressively observing a candidate performance on various tasks during the probation period. Thus, wrong observation of a candidate made by a human resource manager can have a long-term negative effect to a corporation. In order to avoid it, all the candidates should have letters of recommendation from their previous employers where it is easier to learn about their personality traits in a working environment.


The job applicants’ hiring process is a crucial procedure that needs to be performed with professionalism in any organization. It ensures the successful performance of an establishment in the market. Hunzicker Brothers Corporation has become a leading manufacturer, retailer, and distributor of electrical items in the United States. This has largely been attributed to the organization’s use of the discovery selection system when hiring new staff members into the corporation. The system is divided into four parts every of which outlines various personalities that can be found in the candidates. The categories include introverts, extroverts, thinkers, and feelers. By the combination of the stated categories, a manager can attain workers who are critical thinkers with a unique vision and creative skills who focus on the best results for the company.



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