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«Learning Journal #2»

Question 1

Human resources (HR) department is very important in any organization. The working culture in any company depends on the policies made in human resources department. The HR department in any organization determines how people operate in a workplace. Human resources department is involved in the information dissemination, hiring and firing of workers, compensations and benefits, training and professional development of staff (Giuliani, & Kurson, 2003). In order to improve the operation process of any business, there is a need for HR transformation. There are work situations that are likely to benefit from transformation of human resource.

A work situation that lacks leadership is likely to benefit from a HR transformation. In a working environment, it is important to have an efficient leadership that will ensure that everything is always done in the correct way (Gregory, 2013). In order to have group leaders who will help the group move forward and continue improving the working environment, there is a need for recruitment of new managers and top managers. Bringing new leaders in an organization is a process of ensuring human resource transformation.

Individuals working in a working situation that lacks healthy leadership always experience numerous difficulties. It is the responsibility of human resources department to ensure that all employees work in a favorable work environment (Giuliani, & Kurson, 2003).  Thus, it is important to transform HR in order to create a room for the employment of new leaders who will introduce new leadership styles in the company. It will necessitate the recruitment of experienced and skilled individuals who will help in improving leadership in the work station. With HR transformation, there will be a new leadership approach in the workplace. It will help in improving the work situation that previously lacked proper leadership.

Question 2

Whenever people are engaged in a serious activity, there is a need for good leadership. It is with the help of right leadership that the group or the team will be able to realize their goals (Frazer, & Oswald, 2009). Not everyone has the capacity of becoming a team leader but everyone has a contribution to make in ensuring that the group realizes all the set objectives. In order to deal with the problem of lack of leadership while working as a team, there are various issues that need to be considered.

It is important to understand the strength of every person in the group. Although not all the people can be selected to lead the group, the contribution of every group member is important. It is necessary to hold a meeting before starting of undertaking the group work in order to learn about each other (Gregory, 2013). Through it, efforts of all the team members will be identified. As a result, it will be possible to appreciate the strength and contribution of every individual in the group.

Working together helps people learn from one another. Through the group work, people can realize different approaches of undertaking various activities. Working together helps all the team members think outside the box (Frazer, & Oswald, 2009). By ensuring that all individuals remain cooperative with one another, the group will be able to realize all their goals without relying on one leader.

Working in the same group with different people helps individuals trust one another. Trust is important in ensuring that people are working independently on any task they are assigned to in their respective groups. Trust is important in the working environment since when people trust one another, it is easy for them to cooperate (Gregory, 2013).


It is important to employ the right presentation structure while making a presentation. It is vital in getting the audience’s attention. In any presentation, the main target is the audience (Reynolds, 2008). Thus, it is important for everyone to take into consideration the people listening while choosing the presentation structure (Edwards, 2007).  In order to make the right presentation structure, it is important to consider the knowledge level of the audience. It is importance in deciding the approach and language to employ while making presentation (Reynolds, 2008). By using the correct presentation structure, the audience will be able to understand what is being explained. It will ensure that they get the meaning of everything that is presented.

Charts, graphs and tables are to be used for presentations. They are important and very useful in making presentation if used properly. During presentation, a person who delivers it tries to convey a lot of information within a very short period of time. To convey all important information, it is necessary to use tables, charts, and graphs since they compact much information In order to ensure that people give their best during presentation, it is important to practice delivering presentations. Presentation is a hectic activity that requires the adequate planning and preparation in order to minimize or avoid mistakes (Reynolds, 2008). Thus, one needs to go through presentation before delivering the actual presentation to the audience. It helps in understanding of all information so that the person making presentation does not read word by word during the actual presentation.

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(Edwards, 2007). Additionally, charts, graphs, and tables provide a clear picture of what is being presented. As a result, they help in enhancing the clarity of all information presented.


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