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«New Ticketing System (RFID)»


The most common function of RFID systems is serving as a substitute for paper tickets during entries and admittances. It also acts as an elaborate and robust data evaluation as well as analysis tool. For example, the system captures all the data and movements of the attendees from the time they enter the facility or event to the time they leave and also when they engage in other services. For example, it could be utilized to advise the planners of the activity on what services are appropriate for the target group of the event. Moreover, other organizations could use the platform to provide services according to the needs and specifications of the consumers or customers. The aspect is critical since the technology allows the event marketers understand the purchasing patterns and behaviors of the clientele. The factor will ensure that client receives well designed and packaged services efficiently and effectively.

About Al Ain Zoo

Al Ain Zoo was established in 1968 due to Sheikh Zayed’s initiative. Today, it is among the most attractive family destination which provides picnic, entertainment, adventure and learning experiences with a natural outdoor atmosphere or location. Today, people of all ethnicity visit the zoo's flora and fauna enjoying a perfect time with friends and family filled with excitement and exploration of a collection comprising 3,500 animals.  Al Ain Zoo allows people to invest in it while also offering email services. In addition, it offers Oracle ERP, registers suppliers while also running an online academy. Some of the support services provided by AL Ain Zoo include ticketing, pricing and visitor services, such as Ahlan, wheelchairs, strollers, buffets, funs & carts as well as gift shops. The RFID was identified to be the most appropriate system for ticketing since it allows the event planners and marketers an opportunity to learn purchase patterns and behaviors of clients and customers.

Project Selection Criteria

This project will base on a New Ticketing System (RFID) to be offered by Al Ain Zoo Company. Al Ain Zoo faces limited skilled resources, strained capital, multiple competing projects and external forces. Moreover, it utilized the current project ranking system that uses various criteria, which mirror the mission and strategy of the firm to select the project. These priority rules were also communicated to all staff, thus serving as a source of inspiration for the new RFID Ticketing system. The reason for identification and establishment of RFID was not only to have a significant strategic value to Al Ain Zoo but also to fit correspondingly the portfolio of projects currently being implemented.

Additionally, one selected the project due to its efficiency and product characteristics that include RFID magnetics based ticketing system, new POS machines, wristbands with magnetic memory for customers, and vendor training. The decision also depended on a market research conducted in early 2016, which revealed that it could be possible to learn the purchasing patterns and behaviors of the clients as well as offer the required services through the RFID. After identifying the specific gaps, which included customers and missing client services due to stock shortages or high storage cost linked to the excess inventories, the team had to find ways of determining the needs and behaviors of clientele and customers (Hamilton & Sankaranarayanan 2013, p.400).

Objectives, Goals, and Requirements of the Project

The project goal is to develop a management system in Al Ain Zoo that integrates and coordinates with the RFID system to facilitate the automation of ticketing manual processes. This technology will reduce and eliminate paperwork, human error, improve data correctness and accuracy, enhance seed, improve operations efficiency and labor utilization. The RFID interlinks with unique tags that are embedded in tickets, pallets, various locations and shelves to capture the behaviors and activities of the clients. The RFID will require technological equipment, such as hardware and software, skilled personnel, starting capital, policies as well as operating and safety guidelines in the use of the technology. The system may also require time and space for installing the system (Hamilton and Sankaranarayanan 2013, p.399). The objective of the technology is to increase and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations’ operations and processes. During the planning and initiation phase, the project team identified what the system requires. While reviewing the corresponding needs, the legal issues, ethical requirements, environmental issues, as well as political and technological issues were considered. Relevant ethical issues that include confidentiality and privacy were also discussed and considered.

Preliminary Scope Statement

The project is expected to enhance and improve event access, considerably minimize queues and traffic, eliminate ticket fraud, and manage unlimited zones on a solitary system that includes production, camping, and VIP registration. The processes will also accelerate and enhance digital reports production and development with capacity counts, improve staff distribution during peak times and sites, intensify on-site expenditure by 40% as well as accelerate transaction times and minimize queues. Al Ain Zoo will be able to produce real-time digital reports for data reconciliation and synchronization as well as connect with clients through collaborative brand experiences, which encourages curiosity of consumers, such as interactive print. The technology will also increase online impacts and impressions with social media collaboration. Moreover, the RFID technology will sponsor sales and create marketing channels.  One will use the RFID in ticketing, mostly for visitors seeking to use the services and facilities offered by the organization. Additionally, the technology will be used in learning the purchasing patterns and behaviors of the clients. The system is synchronized and installed in such a way that it is able to collect data on the behaviors and preferences of the clients. It will also enhance the supply chain system since it will indicate the demand and therefore define the supply reducing on storage cost and opportunity cost forfeited as a result of inventory and stock shortage. In addition, the system will define staffing needs and type of training as well as capacity development programs.

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Work Breakdown Structure of the Project

The RFID new ticketing system will be implemented through a 5-step process that includes project initiation, planning, execution, control and close out. During the launch phase, it will be necessary to evaluate the RFID project, and share recommendations, after which the project charter will be developed, reviewed and approved by the donors or investors. During the planning stage of the RFID, it will be necessary to create a preliminary scope of the statement, after which one will determine the project team. The project team will conduct a kick-off meeting with the relevant stakeholders. The main deliverables from the first meeting will include developing the project work plan, which the investors and other interested stakeholders will approve. As the company will be executing the project, it will hold kick-off meeting. Further, the company will validate and verify what its users require and how to design the RFID system. Procurement of the hardware and software are the following steps, after which the RFID system is installed. It will be necessary to conduct the testing phase before training the relevant staff on usage. M&E plan was developed to guide the implementation of the system. In addition, the aim of a closeout plan is to ensure guidance during the closeout phase.

In conclusion, the RFID is suitable for Al Ain Zoo and fits the current portfolio of projects implemented by the organization. It will result into additional value as well as the enhanced level of other projects’ performance. Al Ain Zoo has the capacity of hosting the technology, and it will be a competitive advantage to the organization.



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