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«The Tenet Healthcare Corporation»

Introduction to the Organization

Corporate Name, Founding Date and Founding Leaders

The Tenet Healthcare Corporation is a health care organization company that operates hospitals, ambulatory surgical procedure centers, analytical imaging centers, and related health care facilities via its businesses and partners. The was founded in 1967 and is located in Dallas, Texas. Today it is a multinational healthcare service organization. It is a firm that needs recognition as it has been operating long enough to gain the needed experience to be regarded as a world leader in healthcare sector(Healthcare, 2015). The founders of the organization are Richard K. Eamer who served as its C.E.O and the co-founders are Leonard Cohen and John Bedrosian. Richard has degrees in law and accounting, while both of the cofounders are lawyers.

Essential Events and Critical Incidents in the Company History

One of the essential events that the company was involved is seven construction projects launched in 1971 and purchase of an additional hospital. In 1973, it was able to acquire a general hospital in Seattle, Washington and in 1974; there were both domestic and international divisions in the area of overseeing management services offered by other hospitals. One critical event that took place was when a Texas attorney general sued the organization for alleged overbilling practices at its psychiatric facilities and individual patients followed suit (Ogunrinde, 2001). The outcome of the event damaged the Company’s finances as well as its reputation.

Historical Products, Current Products and Evolution to New Products

The initial focus of the organization was building and acquiring medical facilities. In 1980s, it has shifted its emphasis from acute-care to specialty hospitals. Current offered products are hospital equipment, supplies and construction projects. Additionally, 1980s led the company to take interest in facilities such as nursing homes. Furthermore, it offers services in cardiology, neurology and orthopedics. The organization is shifting towards a modernized form of delivering help to patients through modern equipments like communication via the internet in order to book appointments (Edozien, 2013). Furthermore, sharing the information through their website is a way of helping patients to acquire information about their health.

Entry into New Lines of Business

The firm was able to shift its focus from the acute-care hospitals to different areas such as nursing homes and also to manufacture its commodities, which included healthcare tools for home use and visiting-nurses. The result of entering these new lines of business is that the firm was able to increase its profits and at the same time expand its international presence (Coggburn, 2005). An example for it is the signing of a contract with Saudi Arabia with the aim of helping the country develops its healthcare facilities.

Industry Competitors

Competitors in the healthcare industry, especially in the same areas as Tenet Healthcare, are HCA Inc, Ascension Heath and Triad Hospitals Inc.

Human Resource Strategy

The Human Resource department needs to incorporate the strategy of democratic leadership so as to ascertain a positive feedback within the organization and outside of the firm. The objective of utilizing democratic leadership strategy lies in the fact that it would allow the human resource department to work together and generate positive results. Democratic leadership as a strategy would ensure that services are provided in a teamwork perspective, but the final decision will be made by the human resource manager (Zacharatos, Sandy Hershcovis, Turner & Barling, 2007). Thus, it is a strategy that would enable the HR department to support the overall strategic direction of the organization.

Job Design

Jobs will be designed from a team-based organization perspective as it would base on the needs that teams have in order to attain their aims. It is an essential job design approach as it ensures that the organization practices mutual trust and the contents of employee empowerment in planning as well as goal setting. The job design in question would ascertain that the organization achieved positive results. The reason for this lies in the fact that it would ensure that the management practices the concept of shared accountability for self-management, leadership and performance (Coggburn, 2005). It is an essential approach to job design as it would generate significant results in the industry because it coincides with the contents of the democratic leadership approach.


Online approach is the method of recruitment that can ascertain that employees chosen are beneficial and skilled in the field of healthcare. Online recruitment approach is a modernized approach that can take place via video conferences such as Skype, where a panel of Human Resources Managers will be tasked with the objective of interviewing the job applicant. It is an essential approach to recruitment for the organization as decisions would be made by the recruiters on the basis of mutual understanding (Bhatt & Venkatesh, 2012).


Preliminary screening is the best selection approach for the organization as it entails recruiters screening the applications in order to determine which applicant should be contacted for a preliminary screening interview. It is an appropriate selection method as it narrows down the possible applicant choices based on the decision made by recruiters team (Coggburn, 2005). The approach coincides with the democratic leadership entity as it put emphasis on the significance of teamwork in order to have useful feedback.

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Performance Management

The performance management that the firm should utilize is the “Management by Objectives”. It is desirable and significant because it emphasizes the significance of the employee and the employer both working as a team in terms of defining the objectives and the time period needed to complete it. Measurements are made on the basis of objectives attained by the employee over a certain timeframe (Palo & Padhi, 2005). Fundamentally, the performance management approach supports the democratic leadership as it corresponds with the contents of teamwork and service delivery.


The best choice of training for the company is the classroom-based training, which entails grouping the employees in a room and providing them the needed lessons. It is an appropriate method as it ensures that the teaching process takes place in a safe, quiet and clean environment, away from the noise and pressure of the work areas. Classroom-based training relies on a learning atmosphere that teaches trainees about the ways of working as a team (Aggarwal & Bhargava, 2009). Therefore, the training method concurs with the contents of the democratic leadership strategy in terms of working as a team in order to attain the set objective.


As an international company, is should implement compensation via rewards, motivation and promotions. Rewards can take form of increase in salary while motivation can take form of verbal encouragement. Furthermore, promotions should rely on the criterion of attained objectives and skills in the field in question. The compensation approach has to be implemented via a team work perspective, where the Human Resource department is liable for making the decisions on compensation (Maley, 2011). The compensation approach relates well with the democratic leadership aspect as it puts emphasis on making decisions from a teamwork point of view.

Industrial Relations

The firm should emphasize the rules and regulations that govern it in order to have positive results in the market. Some of the essential rules are keeping the working atmosphere clean and to complete assigned tasks within the given timeframe. There should be unions in order to motivate employees to work as a team and learn from each other. Compliance to the ethics of the firm is another important entity. One of the primary ethics is being honest at all times in order to attain the targets set by the firm (Paton, 2004). Termination of employees must take place according to the set rules and regulations. Termination should take place due to poor job performance and fraud-related issues.

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The strategy of democratic leadership is quite significant. The paper demonstrates that Human Resource department at Tenet Healthcare organization needs to incorporate some aspects of job design, recruitment, selection, performance management, compensation and industrial relation in order to successfully attain their set objectives. Furthermore, rules and regulations should teach employees the relevance of working as a team towards a set objective. The proposed compensation approach is meant to encourage employees to work hard towards achieving a set objective. Therefore, it is appropriate for the Human Resource Department to effectively study the necessary aspects in order to ensure that Tenet Healthcare remains a significant organization in the market. Initiating everything in line with the democratic leadership approach will ultimately generate positive results as the perspective of the firm is to offer quality and affordable healthcare.



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