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«Consumer Behavior Assignment»

1. Assuming I inherited a huge sum of money and I am interested in buying a new car, I will choose a car that is within my preference range. At the recognition stage, I realized that my preferences include a sporty, stylish, unique, eco-friendly, innovative, attractive or noticeable car appearance. Since money is not a problem, in this case, I have access to an unlimited budget. Therefore, budgeting will play the least role in the process of purchasing the car of my choice. Specifically, I will need to choose between two competitive brands, Tesla, and BMW hybrid cars. Certainly, BMW i8 is about 50% to 105% more expensive than Tesla Model S, available on the Tesla website for sale (Tesla, 2015; BMW of North America, 2015). According to Car and Driver (2015), the Tesla 6 Model and the BMW i8 made it to the list of Editor's Choice of luxurious electric and hybrid cars electric vehicles of 2015.

I have always wanted a hybrid car for several reasons. One of them is their alternative power source features. Hybrid cars are specifically designed to minimize CO2 emissions and promote an ecologically friendly environment (The University of Delaware, n.d ). I love our planet Earth and my new car would assist me to contribute towards making it a better place. Hybrid cars run on both gasoline fuel and electricity. They all have lithium-ion batteries that provide them with alternate power supply when the cars run out of fuel and vice versa when the cars run out of electric energy, which means, the car switches to alternate power source from fuel. I have made up my mind that I would purchase BMW i8 because of its innovative muscular sports car look. Tesla Model S also looks great, but it has an Aston Martin Vanquish resemblance while BMW i8 stands out perfectly unique.

2. My internal influences comprise of all the factors that I require of my choice car (The University of Delaware, n.d ). The fact that I have access to unlimited amount of money automatically puts me in a different social class. In terms of preference, I am a lover of sport (muscle) cars, and that is the reason why combining ecological and supercar fits perfectly well with BMW i8. I also love taking road trips during summer. Sometimes one may run out of gasoline far away from a refill station while driving a usual gasoline engine car. However, hybrid cars are efficient energy savers that provide their drivers with longer distance coverage due to their obvious alternative source of power. External factors that influenced my decision emanated from me thinking about what kind of hybrid car someone with my financial status would be interested in. Certainly, the best luxury hybrid car came to mind because, as indicated earlier, price and budget are not taken into consideration.

3. My interest exhibits an interpersonal group category called the associational/dissociation group concept explaining my urge to become a consumer that classifies himself/herself with a specific category of people based on the kind of product consumed or purchased (Babin and Haris, 2015). I just want the best hybrid car that best soothes my taste, aspirations and preference, in terms of performance and appearance. During my search stage of decision-making process, I relied on the value-expressive influence concept when I decided to surf the Internet opinions of other car critics and expert. I read reviews about hybrid cars and their performance variability with respect to the one I had in mind (Babin and Haris, 2015). Once I saw the picture of BMW i8 in a side by side comparison with Tesla Model S, I knew immediately that I preferred BMW i8 over Tesla Model S. My perception comes into role-play when I care less about the cost of my preferred car, which likely makes me a conspicuous consumer (Firat et al., 2013). The uniqueness and extravagance that prompted me to purchase BMW i8 hybrid car also makes me a symbolic consumer (Firat et al., 2013).

4. The psychological factors that influenced my choice and perception about brands and my car taste were my motives to purchase the "coolest" hybrid car available (The University of Delaware, n.d.). From a psychological point of view, my lifestyle attributes to the choices I make when I want to buy anything. I like purchasing only the best products of popular brands. I do not like to buy items that are usually seen around or affordable to every person. I like limited and expensive commodities. The main reason behind this perception is that I am constantly under the impression that if a thing is expensive, then it is of a higher quality. The more expensive commodities I acquire, the less I become a member of a lower class or those with limited income (Pawlicki, 2012). That is why when I buy something expensive, I feel better about it. I believe that both Tesla Model S and BMWi8 are classy cars, but I think that BMW is classier due to its price tag and its look.



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