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«Humanity against Abortion»

Abortion has been a problem for a long time, and today, due to a growing number of teenage abortions and abortions in general, it has become even more topical. The tendency for providing this procedure as the most popular one is a matter of growing concern. The point is that people feel comfortable knowing that in case of unpredictable outcome of sexual relationship, there is always a way to handle an undesirable pregnancy. Another issue is the careless attitude towards sex from people who seem not to think of a consequence of this connection. The strongest positions comes from a church, where the termination of pregnancy is not a choice of a person because a child is a God’s blessing, whilst governmental regulations give the right to decide to women. The following writing will argue that the position against abortion is the only appropriate choice for human beings not only from the religious perspective but also from the ethical, psychological and social ones.

The most controversial issue of abortion is its recognition and acceptance. Termination of pregnancy means murdering the alive creature, human being, and it cannot be left unnoticed or unpunished. It is believed that since the moment of conception, a life has started growing inside of a woman. Hence, these are nine months of supposed pleasure in the expectations of a new life coming to this world. Another point against is the harm a woman can have as a consequence of pregnancy termination: starting from internal bleeding and risk not to get pregnant again and up to a death during the procedure or after it. Finally, religious people worldwide believe that abortion is a crime against humanity and a sin, which will be punished by the supreme authorities. A human being cannot take a decision concerning the life or its termination because an unborn baby is unsuitable or undesirable.

Due to the spread of abortion services access all over the US and the possible outcomes of the procedure, the governmental decisions concerning the issue have been made both on the national and state levels. Local governments attempt to prevent the growing number of abortions by introducing severe restrictions to the accessibility and affordability of the service. Within the period between 2011 and 2013, there have been enacted 205 restriction in 30 states (Boonstra & Nash, 2014). In 2013, Texas and North Dakota together introduced 13 restrictions (Boonstra & Nash, 2014).

Namely, Texas government has been introducing various amendments to the existing national regulations on abortion in order to reduce the number of these procedures undertaken annually. Among the main obstacles concerning the permit for a legal abortion in Texas, there are the price, which is between $450 and $3,000, and the period of pregnancy (Jones, 2013). In addition, if a pregnant one is under-aged, Texas government demands a consent from parents to terminate pregnancy (Jones, 2013). Moreover, the insurance companies, in accordance with the US legislation, are not allowed to cover the expenses for the intended abortion, and this point cannot be included into the insurance agreement due to the positions enlisted in the Affordable Care Act on health insurance (Boonstra & Nash, 2014). However, there are exceptions which allow an abortion. Among them, there are cases of “rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother” (The National Right to Life Committee [NRLC], 2014). Still, according to the current laws of the United States, “the use of federal funds for abortion” is forbidden (Shimabukuro, 2015).

All things considered, it is beneficial to realize that the threats women face undergoing abortion have caused so many restrictions applied annually concerning the prohibition of the procedure. The US government introduces numerous legislative norms against abortion accessibility as well as supports local governments’ initiations related to the reduction in the rate of abortion to the minimum. Religion as well as the society does not approve of this bad tendency and criticizes those who decide to terminate pregnancy and kill a life because of personal mistakes.


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