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How Can One Benefit from Our Affiliate Program?

Our company has been providing professional online writing services for a long period of time. In order to make sure that our current customers are pleased with our services and attract new clients, we have implemented a superb affiliate program. This program is designed to give our customers an opportunity to generate cash. It should be noted that our affiliate program has been developed to show our dedication to those who order writing projects from us. We do appreciate everyone who cooperates with us! If you decide to join our affiliate program, you will get a great chance to earn cash bonuses which you will be able to spend on buying papers from us. You should know that your earned bonuses can be used to purchase any kind of writing projects from our agency.

In case you want to participate in our affiliate program, you should know how everything works. To earn bonuses, you will need to provide your friends, classmates and everyone who you consider may find our services useful with information about our company. If your promotional campaign is successful, you will be rewarded with cash bonuses that can be used to buy papers from us. Great, isn’t it?

What Can We Offer?

If you do the promotional work properly and succeed in attracting new customers to our online company, you will get a 10% bonus. Please pay attention that you will be rewarded with a 10% bonus once a new customer makes their first order at Essay-Experts.org.

A new customer who used your promo code when placing their order on our website will be given a 17% discount.

How to Become a Member of Our Affiliate Program


Log in to your personal cabinet on our website and go to the “Affiliate Program” area.


The one receiving your email will be given an exclusive promo code. Additionally, they will be provided with useful information about our company and its services.


Read the above-mentioned section carefully and draw your attention to such items as a promo code, the email form*, and the link taking users to our affiliate program.


The discount will be used automatically once you insert a promo code in a specific field.


Copy the link and send it via email to your classmates, friends, and everyone who may consider our online services useful.


You will be memorized by our system to ensure that the code is used only once.

*This is the field called "My friends’ emails" where you should insert the emails of your classmates, friends, relatives and those whom you think our services may be helpful to.

Benefits Provided to Our Clients

300 words per page instead of 275
VIP Services
Affiliate Program
Discount System
Free Revisions (on demand)

You will be given bonuses for every new user whom you invite to us. As soon as a new customer makes an order on our website on your advice, you will be informed about getting a 10% bonus.

You should know that your bonuses can be accumulated in your personal cabinet and then used to purchase writing projects from our company. The earned bonuses can be used to buy essays of different kinds, book reports, marketing plans, etc.

Additionally, you may withdraw your bonuses via such online systems as PayPal or Wire Transfer.

Thus, if you are interested in not only getting professional writing help but also earning money, you are welcome to us!

Who Can Promote Our Services and How?

Social accounts

Place links to our site in your social accounts. Such social applications as Viber / Facebook / Twitter / WhatsApp can be used for promotion.


Find out how to promote your discount code with the help of YouTube. To promote your code, you need to create a special YouTube channel.

Business cards

One of the ways of becoming our affiliate is printing business cards and distributing them among your friends.

Discount code

Earn cash by sending your discount code via email to anyone after signing up for our affiliate program.

Promo code

Share a special promo code or a referral link with your friends. Once they click the link, they will join our referral program.


Everyone who desires to improve their financial standing can benefit from joining our affiliate program.

Affiliate program


Log in to your account
on our website


Copy the link and share
it with your friends


Get a 10% Bonus
from a friend's order


Your friend gets a 17% discount on the first order


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