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Please, use our order form to place an order with us.

Check if your contact information is correct. We will need to use your contact details in case the instructions are unclear or the writer has questions about your order. Thus, we will use your email and your phone number to keep in touch with you.

Check if the instructions you have provided are correct and complete. We will follow them word for word. Please, remember that our writers will use the information you provide in your order form. Thus, you need to be as specific and clear as possible regarding the number of pages, number of sources, deadline and referencing, etc. Please, upload all additional files you may have in relation to your order. You will not have any chance to change the instructions for your paper after the writer takes your order. Thus, you are responsible for every word you write in our order form. Please, be attentive and explicit!

Submitting your payment

The ultimate cost of your paper will vary, depending on numerous factors such as word count, number of pages, writing level, complexity, etc. We will calculate the deadline for your paper since the moment you submit the payment. We will not assign a writer to your order, until you process the payment. In case you fail to receive the finished paper, we will offer a refund. Please, remember that you can only submit a refund request within 2 weeks after the deadline for your paper expires. We guarantee 100% refunds for all orders. Read our Terms and Conditions to find out more.

Our Financial Department may contact you to verify your identity. This does not necessarily mean that something has not gone right for you. Rather, it is a measure of your safety and our precaution. We want to be sure that you have provided a correct billing address to minimize the risks of financial frauds. We value your commitment to our service, and we want to protect you from any failures, including financial ones. We may want to verify your identity to confirm that you have really requested our services. Thank you for your understanding. We will appreciate if you stay alert of any calls or messages from our Billing Department.

You will receive an email confirmation

Please, check your email regularly to make sure that you have received a confirmation of your order. This confirmation will also contain all information you may need to manage your order, communicate with our company, or monitor the progress of your work. Most likely, you will find many useful answers to your questions. You will also find our contact details. Use them to keep in touch with our support representatives or the writer. If you need more clarifications or information regarding your order, we will be happy to provide them! Please, keep your email confirmation until the paper is finished!

Use your personal account with our service!

Please, check your email for any new messages or order progress updates. Send your questions to the writer, and he/she will answer them! Ask our customer support any questions, and you will receive email notifications once you have an answer!

You should not worry if we have not found any writer to complete your paper! Please, remember that our company empowers writers to take and write those orders, which they feel they can complete professionally and on time. Thus, it may take some time for a competent writer to take your order and work on it.

If your professor decides to change the instructions for your order, please, inform us about these changes. However, you will not be able to change your order requirements after the writer takes your order. Our writers will follow the instructions you provide in the order form. In case of any changes, be it word count, order complexity, or urgency, you will have to place a new order to compensate the writer for his or her efforts.

Do not worry if you do not receive an instant reply from the writer. Please, understand that our writers spend hours and days looking for the most credible sources, researching available literature, and synthesizing their knowledge and findings to produce outstanding academic papers. Therefore, they may not have a possibility to send instant replies. In case of any urgent questions, please contact our support representatives immediately.

Use your personal profile to download the finished paper

When the writer finishes your paper, you will be able to download it directly from your online account. You will receive an email confirmation. We may also forward the finished paper to your email. If the finished paper contains more than one file, we will send it as a zip attachment.

Please, fill out our customer satisfaction survey!

Read the finished paper and provide your feedback! Once the paper is finished, you can read it. Please, use your personal account, download the finished paper, and leave your feedback if you want. We would like to know what you think about the quality of your order and your cooperation with our company. We will use your feedback to improve the quality of our services. You can also ask for a free revision during the first 2 days after you receive the paper. This is possible if the instructions for your revision and the initial instructions are the same.

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