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Essay writing is simply a fact of life when you are a high school or college student. At the same time, it happens to be one of the most difficult endeavors. From the end of middle school through the rest of your academic career, you will be expected to write essays in at least half of your classes if not more. Whether you are taking businesses courses, history, literature or law, you will not be immune from these essay writing demands. College students can often expect to be assigned 3 or 4 essays at a time, one for each class.

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There are many types of essays that a teacher or professor can assign to students.

These can include:

  1. Opinion paper/essay based on certain phenomenon, news event or issue;
  2. Report or summary of a book, article or journal;
  3. Essay about the students' personality, character or attitudes towards life and philosophical matters

Why do teachers assign so many essays? Rest assured, they aren’t really meaning to make you suffer. There are some very important reasons why essays are such a fundamental part of every course curriculum:

  • Essay writing demonstrates students' ability to understand and express ideas related to a topic.

A two- or three-page essay based on a narrow subject is a good way to evaluate how a student understands and is able to critically analyze the concept. If the essay writing assignment is based on material covered in class, it can be used to prove that the student actually read the assigned reading and was able to comprehend it. If the assignment is about contemporary news events, the essay demonstrates that the student is informed about important events taking place in society and the broader world around them.

  • Essay writing demonstrates whether students are able to write in a coherent, creative manner.

Given all the different topics that teachers expect students to be knowledgeable about, essay writing provides a great opportunity to measure how well a student can express themselves and deliver a message in a manner that is understandable to others. This involves picking an appropriate thesis and selecting the best words and sentences in each paragraph and throughout the paper.

Beyond these points, students must show that they can think both critically and creatively. This often means thinking outside the box and finding the right way to use words to paint a vivid picture in the mind of the reader.

  • Essay writing serves to measure the student’s level of English language fluency (and all languages for that matter)

This is precisely why essays are generally assigned in almost all subjects. Whether the student is studying English literature, political science or business management, it is important to be able to demonstrate their ability to express information in a manner that will serve their respective field. Of course, essay writing is not limited to English-based classes. Students who are learning Spanish or any other foreign language will also be expected to write essays in those respective languages.

Students who are learning English as a second language can also benefit from being assigned essay writing tasks since it allows them to practice their language skills and develop the ability to speak English in a more spontaneous manner. These essays measure their grammar, spelling and language syntax, which are all crucial for language fluency.

Free downloadable essay writing samples from the Internet can help you gain the skills necessary to improve your grades and advance your academic success.

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Critical writing is a type of essay that is extremely important for fostering independent thought and even problem-solving skills. With so much at stake, students should not dismiss the importance of critical essay writing. It requires a lot of thought and reflection in addition to time and energy. Teachers and professors have high expectations for their students, so students often have to hunker down in order to achieve the results they are seeking. But the question is, how can students accomplish this? With so much going on in their academic, social and even work lives, it seems there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to write critical essay writing projects, narrative essays and argumentative essay assignments. In fact, even though essay writing is important, it often takes low priority compared to other events in the student’s life. As a result, many students tend to rush through their essays without doing much research or putting much thought into them. Not only do they risk failing individual classes, it can really wreak havoc on their overall GPA.

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