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Critical Essay

Critical essay is one of the tasks students get as their writing assignment. Generally, students of different educational establishments receive numerous writing tasks regularly. They help teachers determine the level of understanding students have in regard to a specific subject. It also helps them evaluate the ability of students to organize and prioritize information or other things.

There are different projects that students can be assigned. They include research papers writing, common essays writing, term papers or dissertations writing, etc. Critical essays are one of such assignments too. Usually, such essays are connected to a specific writing project given to a student prior to the grading period. Consequently, this essay can have a great influence on the student’s future career. The influence, in its turn, can be both positive and negative. The great importance of this task makes many students worry about the outcome of their work. As a result, great attention should be paid to this activity.

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Importance of Critical Essays

Many students ask: “What is the point for teachers to give students critical essay as a writing assignment?”

The answer is that many teachers believe that writing such essays is the best way to check if the students understand the subject matter properly. Very often they tend to think that different quizzes, tests, and exams are not enough to see how well the students are aware of the given subject. Moreover, even oral activity cannot always help understand whether the student has learned from the course or from the teacher. Consequently, critical essay writing becomes an alternative option to check the students’ knowledge.

So, if a teacher assigns a writing task to a student, it means that he wants to measure the level to which the student is aware of a specific subject, expecting that he or she will treat his or her task with utmost seriousness.

In addition, such activity is assigned to:

  • Check the writing skills and abilities of the students.

Writing a paper is not only about thinking critically. It is also about following specific rules and writing standards. It will be difficult to reach a desired result if a student knows what to write but does not know how to organize the information he knows in a paper. In addition, the teachers will have an opportunity to understand whether the students can follow the guidelines and use grammar rules properly.

  • Assess the methods of students to organize schedules and set priorities.

 Grading period is the time when students are usually assigned with their writing tasks. In addition, it is the very time when students need to attend many other classes, perform many other activities and try to improve their grades. Consequently, they have to set priorities and find time for far too many things.

Trying to win time and avoid writing their papers, many students tend to download free examples of papers from the Internet. Even if such activity can help them accelerate their wok to some extent, it may have unexpected and undesired consequences as such papers are not always properly written.

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