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Shakespeare Essay

Williams Shakespeare is perhaps the greatest author of English literature. His plays are as relevant today as they were 400 years ago. In fact, Shakespeare is so renowned that virtually all students in high school, college and graduate school are required to read his works. Along the same lines, nobody goes through their academic year without being assigned a Shakespeare essay as analyzing his plays is key to demonstrating an understanding of classic literature.

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What are the key features of every Shakespeare play that make them so important for students to critically analyze?

  1. Shakespeare’s stories perfectly capture the essence of morality and human nature

Regardless of age or gender, reading Shakespeare is useful because it can teach the reader so many important lessons. Issues of ethical concern, moral character, and fundamental truths can be found in each of his plays. Given this, writing a Shakespeare essay is a key component of the academic experience since it requires students to carefully examine the stories, interpret the deeper meaning behind the text, and explore what Shakespeare intended to convey as he was writing his brilliant works.

  1. Capturing life, romance and beauty as part of the human experience

Shakespeare understood that romance and beauty are universal topics that all of humankind can relate to. In writing his plays, Shakespeare was able to highlight the emotional highs as well as the pain and tragedy associated with love and beauty. When teachers assign a Shakespeare essay, the student is expected to critically discuss the role that love and beauty play in shaping society.

Varied Themes within Shakespeare's Plays and Sonnets

While most people associate Shakespeare with love stories such as Romeo and Juliet, he was equally adept in matters of political intrigue as well as satire, as can be seen in his stories of various British royal dynasties along with Hamlet. Teachers and professors often ask students to write a Shakespeare essay that includes critical examination of themes related to political power, betrayal and even humor. The purpose of these assignments are to determine how well students are able to interpret social issues of great complexity.

However, this is where issues can arise. Because Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets were of such staggering genius, students often struggle with writing good Shakespeare essay papers. Shakespeare is considered a one-of-a-kind writer for good reason. As a result, the typical student is unable to decipher and navigate through the rich symbolism, wordplay, cryptic foreshadowing and poetic prose, much less be able to write a logical Shakespeare essay that makes sense of his works. This would even be true when exploring writers who possess less talent than Shakespeare.

When a student fails to turn in their Shakespeare essay or receives a terrible grade for their effort, these are the typical reasons:

“The lack of references.” While Shakespeare’s stories themselves should serve as the basis for any Shakespeare essay assignment, proper essay writing involves research beyond the source material. However, the lack of supplemental sources make it difficult for students to figure out how to start their work. As a result, students are expected to jump right in without having been given any guidance.

Obviously a student is going to have great difficulties writing a Shakespeare essay if he/she has no idea how to start it, what important points to focus on, or even how to determine the best way to conclude the assignment.

“Lack of writing experience and motivation.” Students often have problems writing essays because they do not enjoy the process. Furthermore, many students find Shakespeare boring even as they acknowledge his brilliance. This poses the question, how can a student be expected complete a Shakespeare essay if he/she has no idea what to do?

“A lack of time.” Writing a Shakespeare essay is a time-consuming process. It is not enough to read through the play or sonnet once; the student has to read the story multiple times in order to gain a full understanding of the material. In addition, the student has to balance it out with their other academic work and social activities. As a result, their Shakespeare essay assignment is often placed on the back burner.

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