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The issue of race and ethnicity is an important aspect of intercommunion and cooperation between the representatives of different ethnical groups (Chan et al., 2007). The way people perceive other races and ethnicities is predetermined by their ...
The article “TV Face-off Dramatizes Gulf between Hong Kong Protesters and Officials” published by Time on October 21, 2014, outlines the debate between Hong Kong government officials and university students. The debate was a culmination ...
Learning Environment The classroom is conducive for children between the age of three and four years. The spacious room, arrangement of learning materials, and numerous things for various activities can encourage any parent to leave his/her child in ...
The Neolithic Period in UAE or the Late Stone Age is not marked with a great number of archeological findings. Therefore, the most well-known among them make up special contribution to form a general conclusion on the life peculiarities and culture ...

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