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Carrie Fisher is a famous American actress, who became famous for the role of Princess Leia Organa in the saga Star Wars. Carrie lived with depression during the most part of her adult life, although initially, she did not ask for help. Eventually, ...
Fossil fuels are the formations that appear as a result of natural processes. The term “fossil fuel” is used to denote the buried deposits of organic materials. They appear from the remnants of decayed plankton, flora, and fauna and are ...
Even though hexavalent chromium is a strictly chromium element in the oxidation state of +6, it is widely used to refer to all chemical compounds that contain such type of chromium. Since its discovery, the substance has had a wide range of ...
Martin Luther King was a revolutionary leader who spoke and advocated for non-violent means to achieve equality for all people in America (“Martin Luther King Jr.”). He really believed that all men are created equal. The evidence for it ...
Sexual assault is an aggressive act that many people face worldwide. According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, in 2002, nearly 250 thousand people were assaulted sexually in the USA (WOAR, 2014). However, since only a part of rapes have ...

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