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The Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS) have become an essential technology used for locating services in healthcare system. This instrument utilizes the GPS tracker systems which have been successful in locating outdoors and indoor assets that are ...
With the increasing emphasis on the improvement of outcomes in patient care and clinical practice, an evidence-based practice has steadily gained popularity in the nursing profession. This approach dictates the integration of the nursing knowledge ...
Nursing informatics specialty is rapidly evolving to the advanced practice level. From the system’s perspective, nursing informatics (NI) is a growing field of advancement. In other words, either as a science or technology, NI is still ...
Question 2 Ethical issues play a significant role in the daily work of a nurse. Thus, experience of a preceptor showed that sometimes, work of a medical employee demands making a crucial decision. The preceptor cared for end-of-life patients who ...
The health care environment has undergone some fundamental changes over the past three decades, especially regarding the patient care. However, amidst all these complexities, it is possible to focus on decisions that guarantee the well-being of the ...

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