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The legal age of drinking and the reason for a specific “maturity” level has been under question for some time.  There are several opinions, which suggest for the lowering of the minimum age  while others argue for its ...
Abortion has been a problem for a long time, and today, due to a growing number of teenage abortions and abortions in general, it has become even more topical. The tendency for providing this procedure as the most popular one is a matter of growing ...
Policing plays a crucial role in the harmonious development of any modern society. The reason is that policing may guarantee the respect of people’s rights and their proper realization. This paper examines the historical development of ...
The idea of the research proposal is the study of the experience of the agrarian reforms in a developing country of Latin America. The author considers the process of the reforms’ implementation, as well as the issues and risks, which took ...
The topic on whether video games instigate violence among adolescents and adults is a contentious debate. Moreover, with the advent of more games incorporating violence and offensive language in them, and with an increasing number of school and mass ...

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