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Booker Taliaferro Washington was a famous supporter of industrial education for African Americans. He was also known for his accommodationist approach to relations between black and white races (Mizrahi & Davis, 2010). Despite the fact that he ...
Part One Culture can be defined as the features of a specific group of individuals living at a particular place at a particular time. Culture is defined by everything that concerns that group of people such as etymology, faith, cuisine, social ...
The development of technology on the global scale has gone through a lot of evolutionary stages. Its history began in the 19th century with the world shifting to urbanism and has been ongoing up to the present day, displaying intensive technological ...
Global inequality and poverty are crises being experienced worldwide. Today’s world is connected through a series of issues and problems that can only be addressed by different government leaders, and financial institutions. In such a case, ...
Introduction Hopi is a matrilineal society characterized by clanship that has a population of approximately 18,327 (Haviland, Prins, McBride, & Walrath, 2013). When a man marries in this community, the children become members of his wife’s ...
The role of gender takes a prominent place in the modern world. Therefore, it is necessary to find out which commercial and business areas it affects. With the development of gender studies in educational science, the term “femininity” ...

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